‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason And Curtis Scramble As Liv’s Plots Thicken

General Hospital spoilers tease that there’s an explosive episode coming up on Friday, March 10, and viewers will not want to miss this one. Olivia Jerome is determined to get revenge against those who have wronged her, and she has a bomb ready to explode in General Hospital. Many Port Charles residents are at GH, and Liv is anxious to get her hands on Julian. What’s set to go down next?

As everybody saw on Thursday, Olivia did manage to get away from Anna and Griffin, but she’s got Robin stashed away somewhere and has set her sights on Ava next. General Hospital spoilers indicate that she will use Ava to lure Julian out of hiding and as much as Ava may try to protect her brother, he will emerge and try to handle this complicated situation.

Curtis will make a stunning discovery, and it looks like he finds the bomb in the basement of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that Anna will be desperate to figure out where Robin is and she’ll let Jason know what’s going on. Previews share spoilers revealing that Curtis and Jason will try to defuse the bomb before it explodes and many will be gathered outside of GH as panic spreads.

Donnell Turner plays Curtis on 'General Hospital'

While much of Friday’s episode will surely focus on this Olivia chaos, General Hospital spoilers detail that there is action ahead on other fronts too. SheKnows Soaps indicates that Finn’s addiction will cause problems, and he’ll argue with Griffin over his issues. Elizabeth will confront Hayden about what’s going on, seemingly accusing Hayden of ignoring the issue, and soon viewers will watch Tracy and Hayden unite to try to help Finn put his Zen Zen addiction behind him.

Sam will talk with Alexis about Julian, and as the two women compare details regarding what they know, Sam will mention that she can tell that Alexis is worried about Julian. Alexis has tried to keep her distance from her estranged husband due to all of his bad deeds, but General Hospital spoilers have hinted that the two may eventually find their way back to one another as all of Liv’s misdeeds come to light. According to Soap Central, Alexis will reflect on her feelings for Julian next week, and there is definitely more to come with these two.

Griffin is said to make a sacrifice during Friday’s show, but specifics about that teaser have not yet emerged. Where do things head during the week of March 13? General Hospital spoilers hint that the GH bomb situation may be resolved without too much chaos, as it sounds as if Liv remains free to stir up trouble, but others throughout Port Charles are facing other issues. Fans will finally get to see more regarding Jake and what happened to him while he was with Helena for so long, and Sonny will be determined to smooth things over with Carly.

Chloe Lanier plays Nelle on 'General Hospital'

Carly has torn into Nelle for her supposed fling with Sonny, but General Hospital spoilers reveal that Nelle will be sticking around Port Charles for now. She will be getting a new job opportunity, and it will be interesting to see who is involved in this one. As General Hospital executive producer Frank Valentini recently revealed via Twitter, Jax will be returning to town soon and his return will shake things up in big ways with Sonny, Carly, and Nelle.

Liv will soon have to face the consequences for the terror she has spread throughout Port Charles, but will she be killed? Teasers have indicated that someone will die in relation to this Olivia situation, and actress Tonja Walker has revealed General Hospital spoilers indicating that she will be departing the show this month. Also ahead in the coming episodes, Valentin will reach out to Anna and seemingly offer up a truce, and there is more on the way with Valentin’s custody battle with Lulu over Charlotte. Nina ended up standing by her man in court, but spoilers detail that they still have some significant relationship issues to work through.

Will Curtis and Jason defuse the bomb before anybody gets hurt? Who will manage to take down Liv, and will she die or simply leave town? What comes next for Nelle in Port Charles? General Hospital spoilers tease that things will be quite intense throughout Friday’s show and into next week, and fans will not want to miss where things head next.

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