March 10, 2017
Why Wikileaks Is Scary For Donald Trump

Donald Trump should find Wikileaks scary as this week it released an 8,000 page document detailing the surveillance tools used by the Central Intelligence Agency. The document that was leaked revealed that the CIA was able to find vulnerabilities are smartphones and other devices. Meaning that they would be able to go through your information as well as eavesdrop into your private conversations. This showed what the CIA is capable of doing especially when it comes to your cyber privacy.

The leak also showed information that had not been released with regards Russia's interference with United States politics. President Donald Trump and his administration have not spoken much when it comes to Russia and it's current plans. The president has seemingly refrained from speaking publicly about Russia and its varied violations.

Wikileaks is scary for Donald Trump
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Russia, which has increased its activities in Eastern Ukraine as well as broken a nuclear treaty with the U.S., has according to a new report by the U.S. State Department continued to violate human rights. The country has continued to support and equip pro-Russian forces in Eastern Ukraine.

The annual report examines about 200 countries annually and its human rights practices. This is the first human rights report to be released since the president took office in January.

Donald's Relationship with Russia

Trump may "love" Wikileaks but he should also be afraid of it. The president who is quick to tweet about his anger and paranoia such as being wiretapped by the former president has continued to maintain silence on matters to do with Russia. Trump could soon find himself in a bind if his tweets continue to do with Celebrity Apprentice rather than matters that are important.

Russia has become more prominent and has not attempted to hide any of it's latest activities such as helping prolong the war in Syria which would have been a great concern in previous U.S. governments however with a soundless one it may be seen to be supportive of these activities.

Wikileaks is scary for Donald Trump
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He is supportive of ventures such as the end of NATO and the European Union. Trump claimed that the reason he supports the end of the EU is that it didn't have America's interest at heart. He said that it was in competition with the United States and it was trying to beat it when it came to making money. However, it was created in 1952 in an effort to bring together the varied countries and to build strong cross-border ties in order to avoid future wars within Europe it has since evolved.

Trump had said that in order for NATO to receive support from Washington it had to pay more attention to the United States but has since given somewhat support for it.

During the White House briefing, his so-called support for Wikileaks had shifted and had believed that the leak was worrying. Sean Spicer the White House spokesman said that,

"Anybody who leaks classified information will be held to the highest degree of law. We will go after people who leak classified information. We will prosecute them to the full extent of the law," he said.

The president is apparently concerned and Spicer added that Americans should be outraged stating that it undermined the security and wellbeing of the United States.

United States Vulnerabilities

The leaks revealed that Americans should be very careful when it came to their privacy and that it would be important to pay attention to their devices. The document also showed that it could target smart TVs and use them as listening devices. Wikileaks should be scary for Donald Trump especially with his paranoia targeting the wrong person. The CIA has declined to comment on the supposed information that had been released. The main issue with this leak is that it showed a vulnerability that could be used by foreign governments to hack devices and more.
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