Jennifer Lopez Reportedly Careful Dating ‘Ladies Man’ Alex Rodriguez After Drake

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have quickly gone from rumors that they’re dating to their very own cute couple nickname (J-Rod). But while JLo and A-Rod already have earned an alias, Jennifer herself reportedly is being careful about dating Alex. Lopez’s new relationship comes just after her alleged affair with Drake.

People magazine told readers that although Jennifer is dating Rodriguez, she’s staying “cautious” because of his history as a “ladies man.” The songstress, 47, has been dating Alex “for a few weeks,” a source told the publication.

Jennifer Lopez poses solo on the red carpet.

But even though Rodriguez and Lopez both are parents, the relationship right now isn’t serious, according to the insider.

“[Alex] has been around [JLo’s] family and she really likes that he is a dad. She is aware, though, that he is a ladies’ man too.”

The source revealed that Jennifer “seems excited” about becoming involved with Rodriguez. But that excitement reportedly hasn’t stopped her from “being cautious,” according to the insider.

“For now, it’s just fun,” added the source. “She is single and enjoys dating.”

That leaves the mystery of what happened to Lopez’s alleged affair with Drake unanswered. One source told People that the two continue to have a good time when they see each other, but they never actually had an “official” relationship.

“It was and is fun when [Drake and JLo] see each other.”

The insider also revealed that Drake and Jennifer enjoy “hanging out” together and collaborating on music. The two share a mutual respect for each other as musicians, as well, according to the source.

“She has great respect for him and his talent and he does for her as well,” added the insider.

When it comes to her priorities in life, however, Lopez has stated that her children always come first. Jennifer and Marc Anthony share twins, Max and Emme, 9. Alex also has two children, sharing Natasha, 12, and Ella, 8, with his ex-wife, Cynthia Scurtis.

Jennifer Lopez prioritizes her children. She has a son, Maximilian, and a daughter, Emme.

Lopez has been candid about her focus on family.

“You know, they’re always first,” she said about her children. “When you put them first, then everybody else understands the hierarchy.”

An insider told Us Weekly that the fact that both JLo and Alex have children has made a difference in their “secretive” blossoming romance.

“[Lopez and Rodriguez are] in the same place in their lives, they both have kids around the same age.”

While the rumors about J-Rod only now are hitting a home run in the headlines, the source revealed that Jennifer, 47, and Alex, 41, were “quietly seeing each other for weeks” prior to the media spotlight.

“They started hanging out a couple of weeks ago,” said the insider. “It’s been really secretive.”

JLo reportedly is keeping her romance with A-Rod "secretive."

The songstress and the former New York Yankees third baseman spent time together in Los Angeles last weekend, according to the source. Rodriguez also reportedly went to one of Lopez’s concerts at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

Even though the romance part of their relationship reportedly is new, Jennifer and Alex were seen together in 2005. She watched Rodriguez playing in a game between the Yankees and Mets at Shea Stadium in Queens, New York, and the two even posed for photos after the game.

So where does Lopez’s alleged blossoming romance with Rodriguez leave Drake? He’s “devastated,” according to Hollywood Life, telling readers that he will remember Jennifer “as the one girl who got away.”

Drake, 30, “hates” the reports that Alex is “enjoying” his new romance with Lopez, a source told the media outlet.

“[Drake] feels like he let her get away.”

However, even though the 30-year-old allegedly is upset that Rodriguez is with Jennifer, Drake “understands that Alex is in a different place in his life and is the person Jen needs right now,” added the insider.

As for what happened to cause Drake and Jennifer to split, Hollywood Life reported that “the long distance dating and conflicting schedules proved to be too much for his romance with JLo.” In contrast, the source said that Rodriguez “is more on her wavelength.”

As for whether Drake might try to woo back Lopez, the insider also stated that he would not attempt to “interfere” in her relationship with Alex. The 30-year-old reportedly “respects” JLo, but when it comes to a showdown between himself and Rodriguez, Drake “thinks he’s the better man,” according to the source.

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