Kristen Stewart Goes Topless For Her New Film Personal Shopper

Kristen Stewart goes topless in her latest role for upcoming movie Personal Shopper. Her character Maureen grieves the loss of her twin brother in Paris and is a personal shopper for wealthy French women. The eerie story is set in Paris’ fashion under world and she finds herself while spending time in his ghostly French home.

Her character is also an assistant to a German supermodel but her actual reasons for staying Paris are to find ways to communicate with her brother who shared a lot with. According to Stewart her character would be trying to start her life and move on.

The film itself has received mixed reviews so far from critics. With one saying that it wasn’t Kristen’s fault but the director’s. While another critic found Kristen mesmerizing

Kristen Stewart goes topless for her upcoming movie Personal Shopper

The director, Olivier Assayas had proposed a heist thriller previously but had it cancelled in November and ended up writing Personal Shopper in which he had envisioned Kristen. While being interviewed by the Financial Times, Olivier said that he didn’t think that Kristen would do the film he figured that she would find the film too weird and too abstract.

The film was apparently more of collaboration than anything as Kristen said that Assayas would give her ownership and that the two had the same sensibility.

“We’re not at odds with where a scene is going because there are no ‘shoulds’ in the equation, no place that it’s supposed to go. Where it ends up is where it ends up. We both like to work like that, but you have to be willing to take risks.”

Kristen’s topless scene

Kristen Stewart went topless for the movie Personal Shopper, as some recent stills from the film have shown. The 26 year old lay on her side and looked into the distance as a man reached for her breasts. While in another scene she is walking into a closet whereby she undresses and reveals her assets as she is only wearing tiny underwear and putting on a black bra. Her bra that was more like bondage inspired outfit as it openly showed her nipples more than covered them. The straps would go across her upper body and would be as revealing a one would imagine.

Kristen revealed in her interview with E! Newsthat she felt empowered when it came to stripping on camera. She said that it had nothing to do with her taking her clothes rather it had to do with her getting into the most primal part of her character.

Kristen Stewart goes topless for her upcoming movie Personal Shopper

She said that the scenes of her topless or in barely there clothing were more for the sake of her character. Adding that they were the most revealing and the most empowering as her character is quite closed off rather than what would otherwise be imagined.

Olivier said that he was impressed but Kristen’s acting abilities.

Kristen’s new Buzz cut

Kristen shocked fans when she showed off her latest peroxide blonde buzz cut hairstyle. She looked more confident than usual as she showed off her new look while on the red carpet of the Personal Shopper.

The young actress revealed during an interview with Savannah Guthrie and Willie Geist of the Today Show that the reason for her new look was because it was practical. She said that it would be easier to manage, as she would begin filming a new movie, Underwater that would be directed by William Eubank.

Her character would be a mechanical engineer that works on an oilrig on the ocean floor. She didn’t have to cut her hair but when the director had suggested the look she was excited about doing so. She said that she had wanted to shave her head for a very long time adding that it felt amazing and that

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