French Presidential Candidate Cindy Lee Got Arrested For Campaigning Topless

French Presidential candidate Cindy Lee got arrested on Tuesday due to her topless campaigning. She was mistaken as a member of the sextremist Femen group which is known for holding topless protests among women. Her campaign merely lasted around 15 minutes before 30 riot police officers arrested her. French Presidential election candidate Cindy Lee paraded around wearing short shorts and nipple tassels to promote her platform for transparency.

Cindy Lee’s method of self-campaigning got her arrested

She had done it before and she’s doing it now again. French Presidential election candidate Cindy Lee got arrested on Tuesday morning for her topless campaign around the streets. The former stripper was the candidate for the Pleasure Party which she founded in 2001 and this year marked the fourth time she has run for the presidency. Her determination is really strong!

Lee was walking around Paris wearing only short leather shorts and going topless donning only a pair of matching pastie-like tassels over her breasts. She was handing out pamphlets and flyers to passing motorists and interacting with politicians outside the offices of the French parliament. The 52-year-old candidate was holding an operation against corruption in French politics by battling it out with transparency. That’s why she went topless for her op.

French Presidential election candidate Cindy Lee arrested for campaigning topless

It caught quite a lot of attention from the media and most especially, the police officers as they mistook her for a feminist protester which cut her campaign to a short 15 minutes. French Presidential election candidate Cindy Lee got arrested together with her two supporters by 30 riot police officers. They wrongly thought that Lee was associated with the Femen movement, an all-female group who holds topless protests against the unjust exploitation of women which results in some of the members being detained for their vulgar actions.

In an interview with LCI prior to the arrest, French presidential candidate Cindy Lee said, “We are here to demand transparency when it comes to corruption, and this outfit justifies transparency. I advocate the well-being of the individual in society, putting people at the center of politics.”

Yep, she is sending her message loud and clear. Apart from “Operation Transparency,” one of her platforms pledged to let residents enjoy a “more fulfilled sex life” by giving out money to the said cause. Although French Presidential candidate Cindy Lee comes from an official party, it appears her chances of putting her name on the ballot is slim. For a candidate to be validated in the elections, at least 500 elected French officials should sponsor them. With the deadline next week, Lee has not managed to find a single one. Hence, the two frontrunners for the presidency are Francois Fillon and Marine Le Pen.

French Presidential election candidate Cindy Lee arrested for campaigning topless

Is this her last attempt?

We don’t know if this will be the last attempt of the aspiring politician; however, this wasn’t her first to hold a scantily-clad campaign. During the 2012 elections, Cindy opted for a topless campaign which won her a meager 224 votes. The first round of 2017 French Presidential elections will be on April 23 and if no candidate will win a landslide vote, a second election will be held on May 7 between the top two potential presidents.

Cindy Lee, whose real name is Isabelle Laeng wrote in Pleasure Party’s website, “The Party of Pleasure regrets this arrest because this action was perfectly pacific. Cindy Lee intends to continue her campaign and is always looking for the sponsorship of elected officials to validate her candidacy… Since I am convinced that the individual must be put back in the center of political action, that we have much to do to achieve a tolerant, fraternal, united society, without taboo, I intend to continue to fight with the weapons that are mine: my smile and my nerve to serve the cause.”

[Featured Image by Francois Mori/Getty Images]