‘One Piece’ 859 Manga: Luffy Unites With Bege, New Players Revealed

It looks like all the pieces are in place for something big to happen in the coming One Piece 859 of the manga series. While the recently released installation did not contain action scenes, it is very exciting nonetheless as it finally saw the consolidation of the forces that are set to challenge Big Mom in the coming Sanji and Pudding wedding. Yes, the previous chapter revealed that Luffy agreed to be part of Bege’s plan of toppling down the Yonko and also introduced new players that will no doubt play major roles in the coming clash which could happen in One Piece Chapter 859 or later chapters.

The most notable development that was introduced in the recent One Piece Chapter 858 was the meeting between Luffy and Bege and agreement to work together in the coming wedding, as seen in MangaStream. It was not an easy agreement to reach. Luffy was still seething with anger at Bege as it was revealed that Bege shot Pekoms and planned to drown him when he refused to join Bege’s plans against Big Mom.

Luffy said that he is willing to partner with Bege if the latter would let him land a single punch as payment for what he did to Pekoms. Naturally, this caused a shouting match between members of Bege’s group and the Straw Hat Pirates members present at the meeting. Thankfully, it was Jinbe’s timely reminder that they should focus their anger on their common enemy, Big Mom, at the moment that settled the matter. The chapter ended with both parties agreeing to cooperate on Bege’ meticulously planned attack. With the temporary alliance in place, One Piece chapter 859 will see the two groups working together despite how they may hate each other.

Incidentally, the previous chapter dropped a few surprises that may or may not be a big factor in the coming One Piece 859. For instance, it was revealed that Big Mom has some traitors in her ranks now working for Bege, her daughter Chiffon and Caesar Clown.

Nami learned from Chiffon a more detailed version of Lola’s backstory explaining why Big Mom hated her and further answered previous speculations that Big Mom could be a giant. Apparently, Lola was supposed to be married to Loki, a prince of Elbaf, a kingdom of the giant race. However, Lola had other things in mind and opted to escape the arranged marriage.

It was a big blow to Big Mom’s plans as an alliance with the strong kingdom of giants would have immensely boosted her standing among her peers. Not wanting to let go of the opportunity, she tried to substitute Chiffon for Lola as they look almost identical. The plan, however, failed miserably as Loki noticed that Chiffon is not Lola. As a result, the Yonko earned the ire of all giants while Chiffon bore the brunt of Big Mom’s anger against Lola. Her maltreatment of Chiffon was such that it resulted in wounds that took years to heal completely. It also spawned Chiffon’s deep hatred for the Yonko that she is willing to see her mother killed by Bege when he implements his plan in the coming wedding which may happen in the coming One Piece Chapter 859 or in a later chapter.

Big Mom may have given up the hope of forming an alliance with the country of Elbaf but she substituted it with the desire to become a giant herself. As told by Chiffon, Big Mom experimented on ways an ordinary human can become a giant, experiments that apparently paid off given the Yonko’s colossal size. However, it looks like that in telling the story of Big Mom becoming a giant artificially, Eiichiro Oda may have set her up for some weakness to be revealed in the coming One Piece 859 or later chapters.

This certainly explains why Caesar Clown is back in the storyline. It was revealed that Caesar was about to be killed on Big Mom’s orders but was saved by Bege in exchange for of his cooperation in the coming operation against the Yonko. While the coming One Piece Chapter 859 may not yet see Bege’s plans being implemented, it looks like all is set for the big wedding to start next chapter.

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