Kailyn Lowry’s Baby Daddy Mystery: Farrah Abraham Knows Her Secret

Fans of Kailyn Lowry are anxious to know the identity of her baby daddy. The Internet is filled with rumors ever since the Teen Mom 2 star confirmed the news of her pregnancy. It is quite confusing to solve the puzzle considering the many names tied to the baby daddy rumor. However, Teen Mom OG’s Farrah Abraham is sure that she knows who the father of Lowry’s third baby is.

The 25-year-old reality actress may not have revealed to the public who Kailyn’s baby daddy is but she shared to Hollywood Life that the father is someone who everyone knows.

“It’s not a secret, look and you will know.”

Still, Farrah would not want to cause trouble by being the one to spoil the mystery, especially since she and Kail are really not good friends. Lowry and Abraham have insulted each other several times not only on Teen Mom special episodes but also on social media.

Despite their beef in the past, Farrah had nothing but well wishes for Kailyn when she made the announcement about her third pregnancy, Us Weekly reported.

Farrah has also chosen to remain quiet about the mystery despite claiming she knows who the father is. Maybe she feels she is not in the position to reveal Kailyn Lowry’s secret baby daddy. Now, fans will just need to look closely for clues.

One of the clues that have been making the rounds recently came from Kailyn Lowry’s Instagram live video. While asking for baby name suggestions from her followers, a user left a comment stating that she should name the baby “Holden.” It seemed as if Lowry liked the name but then she made a joke about it.

“Chris will be like I’m ‘Holden’ the baby.”

Did Kailyn Lowry just confirm that rumored baby daddy Chris Lopez is indeed the father of her unborn child?

Kailyn defended her comment saying that she meant “Kristen,” one of her closest pals, according to InTouch Weekly. Fans could have pressed her for more answers but the video ended.

Chris Lopez got entangled in this baby daddy rumor after he apologized to his “miracle child” in a January Twitter post, which has since been deleted. While it could mean anything, only one person favorite the tweet and it was Kailyn.

The name Larry has also slipped from Kailyn Lowry’s mouth, and for a moment there, everyone believed that she just revealed her baby daddy. Kailyn made a reference to Larry on Monday’s Teen Mom 2 live aftershow special when she was talking about oldest son Isaac babysitting.

No one in the show asked her for more questions about Larry, a name that Kailyn has never mentioned before but this had fans wondering if this guy is the father of her child. But right after the live show ended, Lowry took to Twitter to clarify her comment and said that Larry is actually an MTV producer.

Lowry confirmed her pregnancy via a blog post on Feb. 24. For now, Kailyn’s baby daddy remains a mystery and fans continue to wait for more clues.

Kailyn Lowry refuses to reveal baby daddy's identity

“Please know this was a choice I made, I already know some won’t agree but I’ve been showered with support by the ones I love since I found out.”

Lowry has also made it clear that she is not ready to talk about who the father is. She is also not revealing the baby’s gender until summer.

A representative for Lowry, however, gave one clue about who the father of the child is. According to Casi Densmore-Koon, who told Radar Online, the baby daddy is a friend Kailyn dated for a brief period.

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