Katy Perry Accused Of Witchcraft And Devil-Worship By Horrified Nuns

Is Katy Perry a devil-worshiping witch? Some Los Angeles area nuns certainly think so, reports The Daily Mail, but whether their evidence actually holds water is up in the air.

For those who have not been paying attention to Katy Perry’s recent life, the singer has for the past year or so been trying to buy a convent in the Los Angeles area. The sale has not been going smoothly, though; several of the nuns who currently live in the institution say that Perry does not have the right to buy a convent, which belongs to the church. The final verdict of whether the nuns’ complaints are to be supported by law will be delivered “within two weeks,” according to Church Militant.

Although the battle between Katy Perry and the nuns has been raging for quite a while, though, it is only very recently that the nuns have begun to voice issues not only with selling the property, but with selling to Katy Perry specifically. In fact, they are convinced she sold her soul to the devil and is a practicing witch — in other words, not someone who should be trusted with a property that lies on sacred ground.

78-year-old sister Rita Callanan recently met with Perry and voiced some of those concerns.

“You are into witchcraft, you went to Salem,” Callanan told Katy Perry, citing the 2014 photo depicting Perry posing with some other witches after the Wiccan ceremonial and informational tour known as the “Witch Walk” in Salem, Massachusetts.

“I’m sorry, but I am just not into witchcraft,” Callanan continued.

“I am just not into people who are into witchcraft. It disturbs me, and that was our mother house and our retreat house, and it’s sacred ground.”

Katy Perry reportedly responded that she did not recall the incident in Salem. Whether she was being truthful or not is impossible to know, but Callanan certainly was not buying it, as she would later tell reporters.

“I said: ‘Come on, you didn’t know you were in Salem at a witchcraft thing? You don’t remember it? That would stick way out in my mind. I read it, was that incorrect information?'” she recalled asking Perry.

Regardless of how attending an arguably dark-spirited ritual like the “Witch Walk” might reflect on Katie Perry, Callanan does make a good point that the pop star is not exactly pure from a deeply religious point of view. Perry actually started out as a gospel artist, but, after struggling to attain any success, she transitioned to performing edgy pop songs. Her breakout single after the transformation was all about the decidedly unchristian act of kissing a girl…and liking it!

During that time, Callanan notes, Perry went on record as saying she had “sold her soul to the devil” to gain her success.

“I do not like Katy Perry’s lifestyle,” Callanan told The Daily Mail after the meeting had concluded. “Some of the things she does are disgusting.”

Callanan and the other nuns convinced are currently working on gathering all the evidence they can against Perry’s character to send to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, a religious head who presides over many matters involving religious institutions.

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Meanwhile, Katy Perry is offering $14.5 million for the property. The next highest bidder is restaurateur Dana Hollister, who is offering only $10 million but who the nuns agree is a better choice for the property sale. Whether the nuns who used to live there or the Archdiocese will get to make the call on who gets the property is the big question at the moment. We will have to wait two weeks for the courts to pass an official verdict on the subject.

Do you think Katy Perry should be allowed to purchase the property, even if the nuns (who used to live there, after all) do not agree? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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