Tori Spelling Husband Dean McDermott Faces Jail If Child Support Isn’t Paid

Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott have five children together, but McDermott has a sixth child with his former wife, Mary Jo Eustace, and time is running out for him to pay the back child support and alimony he owes her or go to jail. McDermott was married to Eustace when he met Tori Spelling, and it was that affair that broke up his first marriage. Together, McDermott and Eustace have a son Jack, 18 and a senior in high school, and according to Eustace, McDermott stopped paying for Jack’s school at some point last year, while he and Spelling were expecting their fifth child, and living what seems like a very posh lifestyle.

Mary Jo Eustace filed papers to take Dean McDermott back to court and demand the back child support and alimony he owes her for their son, Jack, says the Inquisitr. Eustace complained that Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling were living in an expensive home, and McDermott was working, so she was unclear why he had cut off their son. The final straw was a $40k baby shower for their fifth child at the Hotel Bel-Air.

Sources say the clock is ticking, and Tori Spelling’s husband, Dean McDermott, has until Monday to pay Eustace half of what he owes her, or she is having him locked up, says Page Six. In a hearing on Monday in Los Angeles County court, Dean McDermott was read his Miranda rights after the judge held him in contempt of court.


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Sources from within the courtroom say that it was read into the record that McDermott owes Eustace thousands of dollars. Before having McDermott locked up, the judge gave him until Monday to pay at least half of the money he owes her. Eustace is said to be willing to give McDermott until Monday, but friends say that she will put him in jail on Tuesday if he hasn’t paid up.

Dean McDermott told the court that he had “fallen on hard times.” Dean stopped paying support back in October, and he faces a count of contempt for each month that he has not made a payment.

The Daily Mail says that Dean McDermott showed up in court looking flushed and sweaty, explaining that his financial situation was dire, but Judge Colin Leis wasn’t interested in cutting him much of a break. Dean McDermott, who just welcomed his fifth child with Tori Spelling, had trouble explaining why he was unable to pay for the care of his first child, when he then had five more.

“This is a criminal proceeding, you could get jail time.”

McDermott and Eustace were in the process of adopting a baby girl when he left her for Tori Spelling, who was also married to someone else at that time. Dean McDermott signed away her parental rights to the daughter, Lola, so he is only responsible for child support for their son, Jack. While Mary Jo Eustace was accompanied in court by her lawyer, McDermott showed up alone, and thanked the judge when he offered Dean a public defender, as it was a criminal matter.

McDermott and Eustace spoke in the hallway, and sources said he was begging her to drop the charges against him, but friends say she had done that before out of pity, and this time, she plans to see it through.

In the past, Tori Spelling’s mother Candy Spelling had come to the rescue of the couple who always seem to come up short.

Do you think Mary Jo Eustace will send Dean McDermott to jail if he doesn’t pay up by Monday? Will Tori Spelling be left to care for five children by herself?

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