‘Attack On Titan’ Season 2 Plans, Storyline Hinted By Director Tetsuro Araki?

Attack On Titan, an immensely popular Japanese manga and anime, will soon have a second season. Tetsuo Araki, the director of AoT Season 2 was recently interviewed, and he has offered several new pieces of exciting information about the upcoming Japanese series.

While several interesting tidbits about Attack On Titan Season 2 have surfaced recently, its director recently offered a rather rare interview, and the English-subtitled version of the interview was uploaded by Aniplus Asia. Incidentally, Araki was the director of Season 1 of AoT, and he has not just been roped in for the sequel, but has also been promoted to the role of chief director. Araki is also the opening storyboard artist for the series, and hence, he has a lot of insight into the highly-anticipated Japanese series that has inspired quite few creative endeavors, including several games.

Araki admitted it was a lot of fun to work on the first season of AoT. He added that Season 2 of the series needed all of the staff back together, and hence Attack On Titan Season 2 did take a lot more time. Moreover, the tedious wait was filled with multiple promises and disappointments. As expected, the sequel to the anime is based on the manga of the same name. The director mentioned he had been studying the manga in order to prepare for the upcoming season that continues with the dangerous adventures of Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and other members of the Elite Survey Corps. The new season is expected to have several new Titans, as well as shape-shifters.


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Araki even revealed that the creators had planned for Season 2 of Attack On Titan, and he had been reading up on the manga with the mentality that he’d be adapting the material eventually. He was quite sure that the series would certainly receive a sequel, however, even he was shocked by the shifts in the storyline and plot twists that AoT manga creator Hajime Isayama had been infusing. The chief director admitted that he is now able to delegate more of his responsibilities since the majority of staff that worked on Season 1 of AoT has been rehired for the sequel. He even revealed that fans can expect an even richer experience watching the second season because ideas from the staff were actively generated, discussed, and incorporated.

Masashi Koizuka, a critically-acclaimed animator, is the director of Season 2 of Attack On Titan. His contributions have greatly affected the visuals of the anime series. Moreover, Koizuka has been associated with the production process of the first season, and hence the animators working on the series have much better clarity and synergy, added Araki.

Araki even revealed that Season 2 of Attack On Titan will explore the stories of Ymir and Krista. The two shared a lot of subtle chemistry in the first season, and it is quite likely that their relationship could progress significantly. The chief director even went ahead and admitted that the delay between the seasons was quite long, but assured fans of the series that the staff had been working on the franchise all along. He promised that the fans won’t feel the time gap when Attack On Titan Season 2 airs.

The premiere episode of Attack On Titan Season 2 is slated to be broadcast on April 1. The first episode of Shingeki No Kyojin Season 2 will air on Tokyo MX. Thereafter, a repeat telecast of the AoT episode has been scheduled to be broadcast on Mainichi Broadcasting System (MBS).

[Featured Image by Hajime Isayama/Attack On Titan/Kodansha]