'Southern Charm' Welcomes New Guy Austen Kroll To The Show

Amy Feinstein

Season 4 of Southern Charm starts on April 3, but this season will bring a big change. Whitney Sidler-Smith will embrace his executive producer job and spend less time on screen, so a new guy, Austen Kroll, will be introduced to the cast. Kroll is not originally from Charleston, but after graduating from the University of Alabama, he relocated there recently, and became fast friends with Shep.

As a younger single guy, Austen Kroll is likely a better fit for Southern Charm than 48-year-old Whitney in terms of bar hopping and hitting on girls in undergrad. Whitney allegedly has been spending some of his time living in Europe and developing Southern Charm of other locations, including Savannah and New Orleans, says the Inquisitr. Whitney recently broke up with girlfriend Larissa Marolt and is now dating London-based model Eliza Cummings.

Craig tells the story about when Whitney first approached him to see if he was interested in being on Southern Charm.

"I was in my third year of law school, everything was fine, I had a great job. Then, I met Whitney, we all started hanging out and he told me about this project he was doing. I was very supportive of him, but I had no idea eventually he'd try to get me to do it."
"I knew what he was doing, and then one day, he kind of cornered me and said, 'Hey, you know, the network and I'd like to get you on camera and see what will happen.' You know, I didn't think it was real so I did it. They were kind of pursuing me, but I said no for like the first five months. I think Cameran was the first to sign up after six or five months."

Do you think Austen will be a good addition to the cast of Southern Charm?

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