Wow! Mama June’s Slim New Look Revealed: Forget Weight Loss Pics, Watch Video

Mama June has revealed her new look in the latest sneak peek of the next episode of WE tv’s From Not To Hot. Fans who wanted to see her weight-loss pics to confirm if she’s really working out to reach size 4 must be overjoyed to see her transformation. Her “revenge body” seems like a reality now. This is also the episode when she comes face to face with “the other woman”: Sugar Bear’s fiancée, Jennifer Lamb.

Friday’s episode is sure to amaze those who doubted Mama June’s intentions. In the latest sneak peek, Mama June’s daughter Honey Boo Boo asks her a favor — a big one. She informs her mother that she is going to be the flower girl in her father’s wedding, and her new stepmom, Jennifer, has asked her to check out dresses for the wedding ceremony. The 11-year-old asks her mother to join her. She wants Mama June to do it for her, not for her father or his fiancée. She wants her mother by her side.

Mama June, whose new look is stunning, is already showing great signs of a legendary transformation. She looks incredibly slim and is almost unrecognizable, all for good reasons. Her weight-loss program looks to be extremely effective. With the stunning new look, the reality star looks more confident as well, as she refuses to accompany her daughter.

“That s**t ain’t gonna happen,” she says. “I mean, that’s a little messed up, especially for an event like this.”

Even before you hear her speak, you’ll surely notice her transformation. There she comes in the room, all dressed up to hit the gym. The Mama June everybody knows seems like history, and the new look is just incredible. If she already looks this hot now, just imagine how she is going to look at size 4.

Mama June's daughter Honey Boo Boo is the flower girl in Sugar Bear's wedding.

She talks to the camera and lets the world know she’s ready for the “face-off” with Jennifer. She wonders if Sugar Bear’s fiancée is scared of her. She is amused that Jennifer talked to her daughter, and not her, about the wedding dresses.

“What type of woman does that? Is she that scared of me?”

Make no mistake: She still has a long way to go to achieve size 4. However, the way she looks in the latest clip seems like an amazing start. Earlier, Entertainment Tonight talked to her 17-year-old daughter, Pumpkin, and Honey Boo Boo, about their mother’s weight loss. Both the daughters have revealed that Mama June is going to reach size 4 by the end of the season, so the new look everybody is talking about seems true.

According to Pumpkin, her mother is still insecure and thinks she looks big. The daughter revealed that her mother would look in the mirror and think she was still fat. The daughter blames it on her mother’s habit of seeing herself as a big person over the years.

“She doesn’t realize how small she is.”

Mama June’s weight loss pics have been kept under cover for long. The makers of the show obviously realize that her final look is all viewers are waiting for. If the images get leaked, the surprise will be lost forever. The ET interview with Mama June’s daughters was done in February, and she was apparently a size 4 already by that time. She also likes to walk around the house in her underwear, Pumpkin reveals.

Mama June seems to be on a great weight loss mission.

Watch Mama June: From Not to Hot on Fridays on WE tv.

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