‘Alaskan Bush People’ Rumors: Amidst ‘Fake’ Rumors Brown Family Praises Bushlife

The Brown family, the stars of Alaskan Bush People, have never been able to fully shake the “fake” rumors that seem to incessantly plague them. However, in the latest Alaskan Bush People rumors, the family manages to come one step closer to proving that the story they tell about their time in the so-called “bush” is, in fact, real. In fact, in a recent interview, they were extolling the virtues of “bushlife,” proving that they just may be the “real deal” when it comes to their depiction of life in the bush.

According to Monsters and Critics‘ latest round of Alaskan Bush People rumors, last night’s “special episode” talked about how the Brown family was fighting, desperately, to preserve their “bush” way of life.

“The Brown family from Alaskan Bush People tonight reveal why they think the bush way of life is something worth preserving. The Browns have their critics, but it’s undeniable that the family do a lot to raise awareness of a more back-to-basics existence that most of us can only dream of. Tonight’s special episode, titled Forever Browntown, sees the family doing their best to prove to others that saving their close-to-nature lifestyle is worth saving.”

Meanwhile, the latest Alaskan Bush People rumors from Alaska Dispatch News suggest that the Brown family will be back on the Discovery Channel for another season, even though the season finale this year ended rather strangely.

The outlet reports that part of the reason fans of the show think the show is fake is that the family looks so awkward trying to show the life in the bush.

“After a long night with no power, sleeping with their guns and walking around with fire torches like characters in “Lost,” they finally erect the wind turbine. As they do that, we have some great “same day, different outfit” going on. Raindrop is wearing at least three coats, a Buff neck gaiter covering her face and a hat. Billy is wearing a hooded sweatshirt and no hat. They’re all overjoyed that their wind turbine is up so they can power Browntown. I’m assuming they celebrated and quickly got out of Browntown and to Hawaii, away from the cold.”

Previous Alaskan Bush People rumors from Radar Online suggested that the family’s entire “life in the bush” was a lie. Simply put: much like Bear Grylls was exposed for being a fake — wherein he would sleep in a luxury hotel, then get dropped off in the wild to film the show — so too would the Brown family live in a luxury hotel, only to get dropped off in the “bush” to film their parts.

Moreover, these rumors were fueled by reports that Bam Bam Brown was leaving, and was allegedly spotted in New York City.

“According to Alaskan Bush People patriarch Billy, the Browns have lived in the Alaskan wilderness for 30 years. His seven children with wife Ami were all “born and raised wild,” the family’s reality show website claims. However, the eccentric family may have been fibbing to fans for years. Two locals exclusively tell RadarOnline.com that Billy, Ami and the whole gang actually live in a cozy Hoonah, Alaska, hotel! Neighbors Jay Erickson and Becky Hunnicutt claim they see the Browns coming and going from the Icy Strait Lodge at all hours.”

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[Featured Image by The Discovery Channel]