Christina Aguilera: Fuller Figure AMA Appearance Sparks Controversy

Christina Aguilera’s fuller figure at the AMA show sparks a flutter of activity on Twitter. Even though the Voice judge gave an incredible musical performance, nearly all comments about her time on the show was directed at her physical appearance.

The Huffington Post placed Christina Aguilera on their Worst Dressed list. Aguilera did have supporters on Twitter, but an overwhelming numbers of tweets poked fun of her body, according to Fox News. One of the tweets about Christina’s fuller figure read:

“Carrie Underwood is what Christina Aguilera thinks she looks like right now. And no one has the heart to tell her NAWL.”

A mean-spirited tweet initially stated that the singing star looked like Snooki, then added that such a comment would be an insult to the Jersey Shore reality show star. Another Twitter user wondered in Christina had eaten a Willy Wonka blueberry.

Do the Aguilera detractors not have a daughter, sister, niece, or favorite female cousin that may be overly concerned about weight? Young women are all too often made to feel that they are “fat” if every one of their ribs is not visible or they have anything other than sticks for legs. Aguilera’s arms are toned and she does not have three chins – she just voluptuous curves.

Aguilera appears to be happy and healthy and should not be made the punchline of jokes merely because she embraces her curves, an attribute which was once considered to be the epitome of femininity. Do the Twitter posters and host of other snarky-issuing commentators prefer women with bodies that mirror the look of a young teen boy with breasts heaped upon their frame?