Big Ang’s Sister Accused Of Murdering ‘Mob Wives’ Star To End Her Cancer Battle

Angela “Big Ang” Raiola passed away at the age of 55 after a battle with lung and brain cancer on February 18, 2016. According to Radar Online, a family member is making a shocking claim that the Mob Wives star was murdered by her own sister, Janine Detore.

Jeanine took to Facebook to bash her brother, George Raiola, for accusing her of killing Ang. The most shocking part of the allegation is that George believes Janine killed Angela with three doses of cannabis oil.

“Listen up family members & friends of George Raiola,” Janine wrote on Facebook. “You wanna go around saying I murdered my sister with 3 1/2 doses of a rice size oil… I’ve had it with you! I took care of my sister every single second and [was] happy to do it. [I] would do it again if I could.”

Detore explained she was the one who cared for Ang during her final moments and that her estranged brother was nowhere to be found.

“Where were you when my sister needed help? Nowhere! You didn’t do anything to help her ever! What do you really know about MY SISTER?… I’m done. They are disgusting & they sicken me!”

According to Business Insider, there are no reported cases of cannabis killing anyone. A fatal dose of marijuana is virtually impossible; you would have to consume 1,500 pounds of weed in less than 15 minutes.

Angela Raiola's family members battle about her real cause of death.

“Even aspirin can kill you if you take too much, but a fatal dose of marijuana would require ingestion of fifteen hundred pounds in fifteen minutes — a physical impossibility for any human, even Snoop Dogg,” David Schmader explained.

Marijuana doesn’t come without some risks. However, it is not possible the Big Ang was killed over three and a half doses of cannabis oil.

Detore went on to reveal what actually killed Big Ang — lung cancer. It wasn’t a huge surprise to her fans after they watched her smoke for many years on Mob Wives.

“If my family & friends are interested this is what MY SISTER died from lung cancer,” Janine said. “Not three doses of cannabis!!!! Ok so let me make sure you understand what I’m saying. DON’T call me or my kids or my husband when you need something that door is f****** permanently closed.”

Janine ended her rant by saying, “My sister is gone and honestly who the f**k even needs you guys? My sister knows the truth… I’d do it again Angela if I could… Rest In Peace sis [because] they did nothing but use you… I love you. Until we meet again.”

'Mob Wives' stars Drita D'Avanzo and Angela 'Big Ang' Raiola.

Detore didn’t stop there. She added another Facebook post calling George a “rat” and his wife “a white trash bag.” It’s really sad how they are fighting each other over Big Ang because Mob Wives fans know that Angela wouldn’t like how they are behaving.

Big Ang tried to live her life in positivity and hated it when people fought around her. On the VH1 reality TV show, she would get anxious when the co-stars didn’t along and encouraged them to put their differences aside.

Janine Detore knows that Ang wouldn’t like the Raiola family war, but she refuses to allow George to imply that she murdered her sister with cannabis oil.

It’s depressing to see a Raiola family war disgrace Big Ang’s legacy. The fans hope that they can find the strength to put their differences aside and come together as a family. That is what Big Ang would have wanted them to do.

George Raiola refused to comment about his war with Janine over Big Ang’s cause of death.

Do you think Janine Detore could have killed her sister with cannabis oil like her brother claims?

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