‘I Am JFK Jr.’: New Documentary Hints Heavy Expectations For Kennedy’s Son

I Am JFK Jr. is the title of a new documentary about the son of President John F. Kennedy. It has been 17 years since a tragic plane crash took his life. Even though documentaries and books have been done on this man before, the upcoming project is said to be quite revealing. From the sound of it, it seems like he was overwhelmed and possibly quite lonely. It was also mentioned what he would think of social media if he were alive today.

According to Today, Sheinelle Jones reported that friends and celebrities would talk about the life of “America’s prince” in the TV documentary. Famous names that will speak include actor Robert DeNiro, supermodel Cindy Crawford, and even Mike Tyson. On Today‘s website, it was clarified that JFK Jr., George & I author Matt Berman was not part of the documentary project. However, he does appear in it because he was interviewed during filming.

'I Am JFK Jr.': New Documentary Hints Heavy Expectations, Social Media Response

This Saturday, it will be the 17-year anniversary of John F. Kennedy Jr.’s tragic death. The revealing new documentary will take a closer look at his life. It was noted by Jones that nearly two decades later, people are still fascinated with him. Set to air on Spike TV following a theatrical release, I Am JFK Jr. will have interviews from people who knew him well. It is teased that the documentary offers a “rare glimpse into his life.”

One person interviewed said that the young man talked about how everyone had huge expectations for him.

“He said, ‘You know, I’ve been thinking, I mean, everybody expects me to be a great man. I wonder if it wouldn’t be a more interesting challenge to see if I can be a good man.”

Another explained that John F. Kennedy Jr. was raised in the “shadow of greatness.” Everyone knew he was the president’s son. However, it was hinted that perhaps, nobody truly knew who he was as an individual. It sounds like although he was given a lot of great opportunities, he must have felt a huge burden, not wanting to let people down. If he didn’t live up to everyone’s expectations, well, that sounds like a very lonely life. Being in the public eye for most of his life would make that even more difficult. The constant need to smile, wave, be photographed, videotaped, interview requests, and everyone else that comes with being a celebrity. This is especially true considering he was the child of a great president, who was assassinated.

'I Am JFK Jr.': New Documentary Hints Heavy Expectations, Social Media Response

In I Am JFK Jr., Mike Tyson mentions that the president’s son had “king privileges,” but didn’t want them. Matt Berman worked with the young man and talked about his one of a kind personality. He explained that as he goes through life, despite the many people he meets, there is nobody like Kennedy. However, it is important to note that what most Americans saw was a character. Berman, and others interviewed for this project, knew the man as a unique individual, not just an extension of his father.

With that being said, someone who knew him well did comment that John’s spirit was caught quite well in the movie about his life. They specifically said it felt like they spent 90 minutes with their best friend.

“He had a way of just, disarming everybody. It was easy to be around him because he knew how to break the tension.”

The documentary also talks about what Kennedy might be like today. What he might think of social media was brought up and two people said that John would probably love it.

I Am JFK Jr. premieres on Spike TV on August 1. Before that, there will be a limited theatrical release, which begins March 15.

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