Eileen Davidson On Erika Girardi’s Personality: Is She Really Cold And Rude?

Eileen Davidson is either loved or hated by viewers of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Some people really appreciate her honesty and her opinions, as she has no problem calling people out. But others feel that she’s trying too hard to fit in, and viewers don’t appreciate how she’s often going after veteran stars, like Lisa Vanderpump. It’s clear that these two don’t have much in common, so when Lisa started inviting people to Hong Kong in hopes of stopping the Yulin Festival, Eileen wanted to help out.

Just last year, Davidson had been asked by Vanderpump to march with her in Los Angeles in hopes of spreading awareness about the festival, but Eileen Davidson decided to stay home, as it was her only day off. Vanderpump took offense to it, but Eileen is now revealing that she does want to help out, no matter what her co-star says.

According to a new Bravo report, Eileen Davidson reveals that Hong Kong was never a destination she wanted to go to, but she wants to help out a friend, even if they have had their issues.

“The awkward invitation aside, Hong Kong is still something I’m looking forward to. Despite our past differences, I believe in stopping Yulin, and I do support LVP’s efforts to do so. That’s why I’m happy to spread the word with my ‘couple dozen followers.’ Isn’t Lisa Vanderpump cute?” Eileen Davidson explained on her Bravo blog, sharing that just because she doesn’t support Lisa all the time in her Yulin efforts doesn’t mean she supports the festival.

Davidson also hints that more drama will go down in Hong Kong, so it is possible that she will confront Lisa if she feels that Vanderpump is coming after her. But this week’s episode focused quite a bit on Dorit Kemsley and her rocky friendship with Girardi. Dorit called out Girardi for being a bit rude to her, saying that she never really gave her any compliments. In other words, the new housewife tried to make Girardi look cold and careless.

“I guess I can understand why some people view Erika as being cold. I’ve always seen her as being cautious. Given everything that happened between Dorit and Erika, I can only say Erika’s instincts were right. Their relationship started off on the wrong foot and doesn’t seem to be improving much, unfortunately,” Eileen Davidson explained on her Bravo blog, revealing that she never saw Erika as being a cold person.

Instead, Davidson points out that her co-star is probably just being guarded. And this makes sense; she has been slammed before on the show. Just last year when she joined the group, Lisa Vanderpump challenged Girardi when Lisa learned that she wore pink and was married to a much older man. Rather than respect her choices, Lisa decided to push Girardi’s buttons, and this may have led her to be more protective of her friendships and more skeptical of new relationships. This makes sense to Davidson. And maybe her childhood has something to do with this, as fans saw this week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“It was difficult watching Erika share such an important part of her world with us this week. I have always related to Erika. But now I feel that more than ever. Her struggles with her grandmother’s Alzheimer’s mirror my own past with my mother’s dementia. It is such a painful road to walk down. I know the ending of the phone calls closed a chapter for me as well. All I can say is Erika’s grandmother was a lucky woman to be so loved, and Erika was lucky to be loved by her,” Eileen pointed out on her Bravo blog.

What do you think of Eileen Davidson’s comments about Erika? Do you think she’s cautious or cold?

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