Eddie Murphy Stars In Hilarious New 'Beauty And The Beast' Parody Trailer

Eddie Murphy thinks Emma Watson is racist in this new parody Beauty and the Beast trailer. According to the Huffington Post, Murphy has become a new character in a reimagined trailer for the upcoming live-action film.

While Beauty and the Beast fans can't wait for the film's March 17 release, Italian visual artist Aldo Jones treated them to a slightly edited version of the film's trailer – and now this is the only version of the film the fans want!

The trailer, which was uploaded to YouTube and has so far attracted nearly 137,000 viewers and more than 6,000 likes, features Eddie Murphy as the new character of the Disney screen musical.

Watch the new parody trailer here, but be warned that it contains strong language.

However, it's not just Eddie Murphy who makes an appearance in the new trailer, it's his wide array of iconic characters played in various films over the past few decades.

While viewers are confused if Eddie Murphy is having romantic chemistry with Emma Watson or the Beast in the new plot, it doesn't make the trailer any less funny!

Being called "the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen" by Luke Evans' character Gaston (and awkwardly giggling at the compliment), fighting with the Beast, or hinting that Watson might be a racist – Eddie Murphy has earned a prominent role in the parody trailer.

And while many Beauty and the Beast fans are wondering if Disney would consider casting Eddie Murphy for the film's spin-off or sequel, there is one thing somebody needs to tell Murphy: it's not polite to point if you see something extraordinary, and he also has to be reminded that he needs to watch what comes out of his mouth. When Watson's character asks the Beast if he had read that impressive collection of books in his library, Eddie Murphy delivers a priceless reaction, "Get the f*** outta here."

Perhaps the most hilarious part of the new trailer was when Eddie Murphy hinted that Watson is a racist. When Watson's character, Belle, asked him to come into the light so that she could get a better look at him, Murphy asked, "Is this a black thing?"

Whether or not Disney is going to consider casting Eddie Murphy in its future movies after watching Jones's trailer, the Italian visual artist has plenty of other Weird Trailers on his YouTube channel.

In other news, Arsenio Hall recently retracted a $5 million defamation lawsuit against Sinead O'Connor after the latter apologized for accusing Hall of providing Prince, who died of fentanyl overdose in April last year, with drugs, according to Rolling Stone magazine.

In her original Facebook past last May, just weeks after Prince died, O'Connor basically accused Hall of killing Prince and called him "Eddie Murphy's b*tch." However, just recently O'Connor publicly apologized for her last year's comments.

"I sincerely apologize because those statements would be false, and I retract them unequivocally."
Hall and Eddie Murphy have known each other for a long time. During his 2013 appearance on Hall's talk show, the two shared their hilarious tale about the time Murphy got so drunk he literally started a conversation with a dog, according to E! News.

The incident occurred when Hall got Eddie Murphy, who usually doesn't drink, drunk after a tough day of shooting. They got drunk on a screwdriver cocktail, a mix of vodka and orange juice, and threw a party full of people.

But then things got completely out of hand, for Eddie Murphy at least, as at one point he started talking to a dog.

"You were on your kitchen floor, and you said, 'Val, I trust you.'"
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