April The Giraffe Shares Moments With Ollie And Allysa, Watch Live Cam [Video]

While all eyes are on April the giraffe, with many hoping to share the moment she gives birth to her calf live online, April has shared a few moments with others. Those who have tuned in to watch April each day feel as though they’ve come to know her. They’ve also watched how April interacts with Dr. Tim her vet, handlers Allysa and Corey, and even Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch.

In the following videos, you’ll see April the giraffe interacting with those closest to her. April is a 15-year-old reticulated giraffe who lives at the Animal Adventure Park (AAP) with her 5-year-old mate, Oliver (aka “Ollie”). She is pregnant with her fourth calf and is now an internet viral sensation as millions are watching her live cam 24/7.

Watch April the Giraffe Live Cam

The video playlist above features the live giraffe cam and other notable videos. Some are quick videos captured from the live streaming cam that showcases special moments in April’s life. Others are Animal Adventure Park updates provided by Jordan Patch. You’ll notice that when Jordan updates from in front of April’s stall, she’ll sneakily walk up behind him and photobomb the video.

April is full of personality, and it’s no surprise that she became a viral sensation. April might have some cranky moments, but she is exceptionally loving and affectionate with her handlers. Oliver, on the other hand, displays all the characteristics of a male bull. While AAP staffer Allysa is often seen nuzzling against April’s head, you aren’t likely to see that behavior with Oliver. Oliver likes to roughhouse and for that reason, his time spent with April is few and far between. This is for her safety and the protection of her calf. You can see a video highlighting some special moments between April and Oliver below.

April and Oliver “Ollie” Spend Moments Together

April has a wonderful relationship with one of her handlers, Allysa. In the March 9, 2017, morning update, the AAP shared a photo of April and Allysa sharing some bonding time. Here is the full morning update along with a quote.

“3/9 Morning Update

“April kept my eyes on the screen most the night and this morning; but we start the day without a new calf on the ground. All in due time and without a rush. She continues to be in great physical and mental condition.

“Strong winds and dropping temperatures may keep our giraffes inside today and the next stretch of days. Seems winter is refusing to let go of Upstate NY. Once conditions are safe again, the giraffes will have yard access. During indoor stints you may observe extra keeper bonding time, enrichment, and training sessions.”

Giraffes have a gestation period of 15 months, and according to Jordan Patch, the park first observed mating behavior between April and Ollie in October of 2015. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean April actually conceived during that period. The mating period continued, and giraffes can conceive every 17 days. Due to this timeframe, April’s exact due date is unknown. Patch first suspected she might give birth toward the end of February, but he never specified an exact due date. The best way for staff to know when April’s labor may begin is through physical changes observed visually and through her daily examinations with her veterinarian, “Dr. Tim.”

During a recent visit with Dr. Tim, April seemed annoyed by the examination and gave the doctor a kick. Although some giraffes may exhibit a change in their personality before labor, it’s unlikely April’s crankiness was directly attributed to the pregnancy or labor. Here is a video of Dr. Tim examining April. If you watch the live giraffe cam, you’ll see Dr. Tim come in each day and check April’s belly to ensure the baby calf is well-positioned and moving well.

April the Giraffe Kicks Vet, Gets Cranky

April the Giraffe Signs of Labor

At this point, there are no signs or indications that April’s labor is imminent. However, giraffes are known to have fast and quick labors. The Animal Adventure Park describes active labor as the appearance of calf hooves. While there is the live giraffe cam hosted on the official YouTube channel, there will be a live Facebook stream once April goes into active labor. Those watching the live cam are on the lookout for hooves, and one can only imagine how viral the story will go once April’s labor actively begins. There are other signs and symptoms of labor to be on the watch for, including a change in dietary habits, water breaking, stomach changes, and the appearance of discharge.

Here is a video of a giraffe calf born at the Dallas Zoo to Katie. This was another giraffe birth that was live-streamed online and went viral. The Dallas Zoo partnered with Animal Planet for the live video.

April the Giraffe March 8 Evening Update and Feeding with Allysa

The evening update for March 8, 2017, failed to post to Facebook, leaving many to question what happened. April continues to have her daily examinations with Dr. Tim and is progressing beautifully. She will have her baby when the baby is ready to be born, and apparently not one minute sooner. You can see the evening update in the video below as well as some clips of April being hand fed by Allysa.

Here is another video of April and Allysa filmed on March 4. In this video, April is still in a cranky mood, and it seems that pregnancy is getting on her nerves. Regardless, April has a strong bond with Allysa that is clearly evident.

Are you watching the live giraffe cam? Are you anxiously awaiting the birth of April’s calf and has giraffe watch fever taken over your house and life? If so, don’t worry, you aren’t alone.

[Featured Image by Dossyl/iStock/Getty Images]