Tarek And Christina: ‘Flip Or Flop’ Couple Are Still A Family Despite Divorce

Tarek and Christina El Moussa will always be a family, despite the difficulties of their divorce, People is reporting.

By now you are no doubt aware that the stars of the HGTV series Flip or Flop have filed for divorce from each other, as the salacious story of their breakup, which includes allegations of infidelity and even gunplay, dominated the headlines a few months ago. Allegations surfaced that, as Christina was carrying on an inappropriate relationship with pool contractor Gary Anderson, the pressure got to be too much for Tarek one night, and he left the home with a gun. Christina called the cops. Shortly afterward, the couple had filed for divorce.

In fact, as Tarek says, there’s more to the story than what the tabloids covered. And while he didn’t mention Christina’s relationship with Gary Anderson, he did place much of the blame for the dissolution of his marriage on a more immediate problem: cancer. Specifically, he says, he was battling thyroid and testicular cancer, as well as a debilitating back injury, at about the same time his marriage started falling apart.

“We used to be so energetic. But with the businesses and the cameras and the cancers and the surgeries and my back, we started losing that energy. That’s what led us to where we are.”

Almost as bad as the cancer diagnosis, however, was the aftermath – that is, the post-surgery radiation treatment.

“I became very emotional. I was stressed and anxious and exhausted.”

With his physical and marital woes now behind him, Tarek – and Christina – are both focusing on how they can do the most important thing in their lives moving forward: continuing to co-parent their children in the best way possible despite their circumstances.

As Page Six reports, the couple are trying to make life as normal as possible for their children, daughter Taylor, 6, and son Brayden, 18 months. As of this writing, Tarek and Christina have an informal custody agreement that divides up the kids between the two homes “about 50/50.”

“[We’ll] probably always spend the holidays together. We’re getting through this by staying great friends and being the best parents possible. Divorced couples who fight their whole lives really mess up their kids. We had a talk and said, ‘We still want the kids to understand we’re a unit — that we’re still a family even if we’re not together.'”

Christina, for her part, echoed similar sentiments in remarks made available via E! Online. She said that she and Tarek are basically starting over, and she’s up for the challenges that come with co-parenting.

“There are so many unknown. It’s invigorating to know I am starting over. It’s fun to be able to create my own destiny right now. No matter what, I never want to say something about Tarek that my kids would have to read about later. That’s their dad, and it’s not my focus to put him down.”

Meanwhile, Tarek and Christina continue to host Flip or Flop as a couple, and they appear in front of the cameras, together as a team, as the show continues production. Besides meeting their contractual obligations on the set, they have also been spotted out and about together at promotional events for the show, sharing the stage as a unit.

And as for Gary Anderson, the pool contractor who may or may not have played a role in the dissolution of Tarek and Christina’s marriage (depending on whom you ask): he has all but dropped off the face of the Earth, as far as the media is concerned, now that Christina has broken up with him.

Do you believe that Tarek and Christina El Moussa will be able to peacefully co-parent their children in light of their divorce?

[Featured Image by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for Lakewood Center]