March 9, 2017
Meghan Markle Gets Prince George's Royal Seal Of Approval, Queen Elizabeth Next

It would probably be only a matter of time before Prince Harry could propose to girlfriend Meghan Markle. This is because the Suits star has finally received the most important royal seal of approval -- that of Prince George.

According to the Independent, the 35-year-old American actress has finally met her beau's brother, Prince William, and future sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. Moreover, she has also met Princess Charlotte and Prince Charles. But the most important family member, aside from Queen Elizabeth II, of course, is none other than the royal family's true power player, Prince George.

This all happened in the Norfolk estate of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge before Prince Harry and Meghan flew off to Montego Bay in Jamaica to attend his best friend's wedding. According to an insider, Meghan and Harry went to have tea with William and Kate, and that was when Prince George met who could possibly be his future aunt for the first time.

Meghan Markle charmed Prince George and got the royal stamp of approval
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"It was love at first sight for him. She's a natural with kids, just like Harry—a kid at heart. She's from a big family, so she just mucks in and can be quite goofy with kids. She got down on George's level and played with him and the dog."

Meghan and Prince Harry's relationship has been moving at a steady, progressive pace. The actress is said to be living unofficially in Kensington Palace with Harry. The couple's recent attendance of Harry's best friend's wedding in Jamaica was their first actual public appearance as a couple. Meghan looked stunning in a long, flowery dress, accentuated by a $6,300 Cartier "Love" bracelet, which, according to the Huffington Post, is apparently new. This further sparked rumors of an impending royal engagement.

According to sources of Woman's Day magazine, Kate Middleton is thrilled that her brother-in-law has found a girlfriend who seems to be a keeper. All she really wants is the best for Harry, and she's happy that Meghan looks like the perfect match for the prince.

Meghan Markle is said to have won Kate Middleton's approval
Do Kate and William approve of Meghan Markle? [Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]

Prior to news of her relationship with Prince Harry, not a lot of people knew of Meghan's humanitarian work. She is the Global Ambassador for World Vision Canada and a United Nations Women's advocate for political participation and leadership. Last November, she posted on her blog about the time she was in Rwanda when she volunteered at a refugee camp.

Meghan's emotional entry described how her "life shifts from refugee camps to red carpets" and that she chooses them both because "these worlds can, in fact, coexist." On her blog, she described the moment of clarity when Suits became successful and she realized that young women were listening to what she had to say. Therefore, she felt she needed to say something of value.

"I've never wanted to be a lady who lunches—I've always wanted to be a woman who works. And this type of work is what feeds my soul, and fuels my purpose."

Just recently, Meghan has written an essay for Time magazine about the difficulty women face during their menstrual cycle and how it affects their education and lifestyle in India.

"During my time in the field, many girls shared that they feel embarrassed to go to school during their periods, ill equipped with rags instead of pads, unable to participate in sports, and without bathrooms available to care for themselves, they often opt to drop out of school entirely."


Meghan further wrote that females face the challenge of survival from the moment they are born, first overcoming female feticide. Later on, in a poverty-stricken society, they fall victim to malnourishment, potential abuse, and lack of access to proper sanitation facilities.

"Why, if she is able to overcome all of these challenges and finally get to school, should her education and potential to succeed, be sacrificed because of shame surrounding her period?" Meghan wrote.

The 35-year-old further emphasized that girls need to be educated about menstrual health hygiene and have access to toilets and sanitary pads. This will empower girls who are hungry for education and will cultivate women who would effect change within their communities and beyond.

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