Joseph Duggar Causes A Stir When He Admits Giving Kendra Caldwell A Promise Ring

Joseph Duggar is officially courting Kendra Caldwell. Rumors have been circulating for several months that there was something happening between them because she was spotted at Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo’s wedding back in November. When the full wedding special aired on Counting On, Kendra was helping Austin Forsyth with the flower wall as things were getting set up. Duggar and Caldwell announced their courtship yesterday via a video that was shared on social media.

There has been a lot of anticipation for a male Duggar to begin a courtship that will eventually lead to marriage. Josiah Duggar was courting shortly before all the chaos with Josh Duggar happened, but his courtship only lasted a few months. Joseph Duggar seems to have his priorities straight, and Kendra Caldwell was very excited to be announcing her new status.

According to Radar Online, Joseph Duggar is four years older than Kendra Caldwell. This is not uncommon with the family, as many of the couples have age gaps between them. Critics have made this into a big deal, and some very nasty comments have been made about it.

Yesterday, Joseph Duggar misspoke about the ring he gave to Kendra Caldwell. In the video, he referred to it as a promise ring, but it is a purity ring. It is a symbol of their commitment to abstinence through their courtship and a vow that they will save themselves for marriage. Duggar has been getting a lot of criticism for the mistake, with people insinuating the two may already be sleeping together. That is not what the Duggar family believes in, and Joseph hasn’t strayed far from his family. The Caldwell family is also of the same faith, and with that, they are all too happy to be allowing their daughter to court Joseph and follow the strict rules put into place.

As with any new person brought into the Duggar’s lives, there are questions about whether Kendra Caldwell and her parents knew about what happened with Josh Duggar. It is quite likely that Joseph Duggar did not have to explain what happened to his family over the last two years. The Caldwells belong to the same church, and when that was happening, they rallied around their love for Jesus and held onto their faith. Joseph and Kendra have known each other for some time before he decided to ask for permission to court her, and it looks like this might lead to marriage down the line.

Counting On is going to be filled with plenty of new things for fans to see, with Joseph Duggar courting Kendra Caldwell and Joy-Anna Duggar being engaged to Austin Forsyth. Many fans have watched as the family has grown up and now several of them are moving on to their own lives with spouses and building families. There is plenty of fascination with how things will go between Joseph and Kendra because it has been so long since fans were able to see how courting looks from the male perspective. Four of the Duggar daughters have courted, three are married, and one is engaged. Josh Duggar went through the process, but with it being so long ago, the memories aren’t vivid.

Things appear to be blissful between Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell. When they spoke about each other during their announcement, they were genuinely happy. They have passed the “getting to know you” stage because of the years they have known one another, and there is speculation this courtship could move as fast as Joy-Anna and Austin’s did. Joseph Duggar will have eyes on him now more than ever, and it looks like he is ready for it.

[Featured Image by Duggar family/Twitter]