‘Gold Rush’: Todd Hoffman Reveals He’s ‘Ashamed’ By His Actions In Season Finale

In a new interview, Todd Hoffman and his father Jack Hoffman talk about the upcoming Gold Rush season finale, with Todd confessing that he is “ashamed” of how he acted and how he treated the other members of his gold mining team. Does he give any clues to what the drama is behind season finale of Gold Rush? Also, Jack Hoffman has a revelation about whether the show is real as well. So, what was said by the two stars of Gold Rush?

Todd Hoffman and his father Jack Hoffman are in Las Vegas for the ConExpo, and the duo spoke to the local station, Fox5, KVVU TV about the season finale of Gold Rush. Todd Hoffman sheepishly confessed that he is “ashamed” by his actions in the season finale. These are not some of his proudest moments.

“There’s some things that are coming this Friday, that I am going to be honest with you that I’m not really proud of. And I did an interview the other day and I actually apologized. Because what we stand for my team stands for and our faith and I felt like we took a step back”

After all the Hoffman crew has been through this season, with no gold, no pay and the crew abandoning Todd in Oregon, it is not hard to imagine that the internet trolls have been a bit tough on Todd Hoffman.

“It’s not easy man. People hate you on the internet. Some of them love you and some of them hate you. They edit things a little bit rough on you. And you’ve got to deal with it. You gotta walk around as that guy. It’s not easy.”

Jack Hoffman then interrupted his son Todd to emphatically exclaim, in his memorable gravely voice, that all of this is real, not made up.

“Not Scripted. Not scripted. You can’t script what happens. “

Perhaps the greatest hint that something is seriously wrong is in the Gold Rush season finale preview clip shown before the interview with the Hoffmans. Dave Turin somberly says that things within the team are broken.

“I feel like our team has fallen apart!”

However, the most ominous warning is when Todd Hoffman is seen hugging Turin and then saying that this is a dark day.

“This is a dark day for our mining company.”

The interviewer then suggested that Hoffman take his crew and come out to Vegas to mine. Jack and Todd looked pretty eager at the idea of mining in a location where they could work where it is not frozen most of the year and then relax at a prime rib buffet at night, after a hard day’s work.

If the Hoffman crew moved to Vegas, it would not be a huge surprise to fans of Gold Rush. This season we saw Todd and his crew mine two different sites in their home state of Oregon, only to have everyone abandon them because there was no gold to be found and no one was paid.

After a short period, Freddy Dodge returned to invite the depleted team to Colorado, where he found a claim with a lot of gold. In Colorado, Todd realized they needed more people, and he was able to convince Dave Turin and the rest of the team to return.

As if that was not enough, they found themselves without water which they had to battle a beaver to get the upper hand. Freddy soon found yet another claim, and for anyone that is counting, that is the Hoffman’s fourth claim of the season. This one is 13,000 feet up, and the conditions are brutal due to the lack of air. In fact, Todd needed medical help as he nearly passed out.

In this mercurial, topsy-turvy Gold Rush season, the Hoffman crew has been through so much adversity. From all indications, it appears that the drama is still not over for Todd Hoffman and his battered crew, as he has already apologized for his actions. Hopefully, the internet trolls will not be too harsh on this reality star and that he forgives himself for his behavior and puts this season behind him.

How do you think this season will end for Todd Hoffman and his crew on Gold Rush? Do you think that the team will make their 1000 ounce goal? Do you think the Hoffman team will get paid, after working most of the summer without a check? Share your predictions below. Let’s see who’s right!

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]