Trump Campaign Head Reportedly Approved An Adviser's Trip To Russia

It has been pretty popular to talk about President Donald Trump's ties to Russia due to the mass amount of them that continue to come to light, but now it appears that new insight has come about that may once again hurt the Trump administration. We know by now that the Trump administration has had several ties to Russia in some way. Attorney Jeff Sessions met with a Russian ambassador and had to recuse himself from the Russian investigation, and various aides met with one too.

This has led to several people believing that Donald Trump himself also has some ties to Russia personally, as it would make sense for him to have some with many of the people in his administration also having ties. Trump's son Donald Trump, Jr. claimed at one point most of their money came out of Russia, and President Trump himself has been vocal about his support of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He has since tried to separate himself from Putin in many interviews.

Now more news has come to light regarding the Trump administration's connection to Russia. In a report out of Politico, Trump's former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski actually approved Trump's foreign policy adviser Carter Page to travel to Moscow, Russia, as a private citizen. In theory, traveling somewhere as a vacation or simply to do business is understandable. However, a foreign policy adviser would know that this would be a bad place to go during the campaign.

Carter Page
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While Page may very well have been going as a private citizen and not as a surrogate to the Trump campaign to meet with Russian officials, it is uncertain if that wasn't on his deck for his trip there. As previously said, normally a foreign policy adviser would see the risks of going to Russia at a time like this, because if anyone found out it could very well cost Trump the election.

Politico claims that Page was cautioned against going by the campaign's head of the National Security Advisory committee, J.D. Gordon. Gordon was right to caution, as the risks were too high for Trump to have any sort of connection to Russia during the election period. Of course, Lewandowski would end up approving the trip, one the one condition that Page would not be representing the Trump campaign in his time there.

Politico would seek comment from Lewandowski and why he approved of such a trip, knowing the high risk and what it could possibly do to the Trump campaign, he would claim the following.

"I don't remember that, but I probably got 1,000 emails a day at that time, and I can't remember every single one that I was sent. And I wouldn't necessarily remember if I had a one-word response to him saying he could do something as a private citizen."
In an interesting twist to the story regarding Page and Lewandowski, Corey would end up saying that he had never met Page in his life. It is not uncommon for everyone in a campaign to have not met. This happens more than one would imagine, but normally the person running the campaign meets with the major officials connected to it.

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All of this news comes at a time when various reports came out about Trump's aides speaking with Russia's Ambassador Segey Kislyak last July. Reports came about that both Page and the man that warned him of going to Russia, J.D. Gordon, both spoke with Kislyak at this time. Funny enough, the talks with this very Russian Ambassador resulted in the resignation of Michael Flynn almost immediately into the Trump administration taking over.

On top of this, the very same ambassador is the one who spoke with Jeff Sessions, which again, resulted in him recusing himself of the Russian investigation on the presidential election. Of course, the reports on Carter Page are all over the place by now along with a number of people involved in the Trump administration, but interestingly, Page will not confirm or deny that he met with the Russian Ambassador. He would claim the following.

"I'm not going to deny."
The reason for his refusal to confirm or deny anything results from the fact that he claims he's been asked to preserve any materials relevant to the ongoing investigation in Russia tampering with the Presidential election. This makes sense, as anything related to the Trump administration in this matter would need to be classified until the case is brought to the public by an investigator. Now Americans just have to wait to see what comes of the investigation.

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