Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam New York: Inclement Weather Could Impact Labor

The Animal Adventure Park in New York’s giraffe cam is still a topic of discussion for people all over the world. The zoo is anxiously awaiting the arrival of a giraffe calf and recently set up a live cam for people to watch April the giraffe as she prepares to give birth to her fourth baby.

Millions of people have been drawn in by the giraffe as she looks into the camera, walks around her stall, eats, and naps throughout the day. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, giraffes give birth standing up, so as long as April is moving around her enclosure, people are glued to their computer screens, waiting to witness the miracle of birth first-hand!

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The Animal Adventure Park in New York has continuously run their live cam, 24 hours a day. However, with inclement weather moving into the area today and tomorrow. The zoo has said that their animals will be kept indoors due to the wind and dropping temperatures. Fortunately, this is just fine for April, who has chosen to stay indoors every day despite being given an option to roam outside.

This morning, the Animal Adventure Park posted an update on April and said that everything was going well — but confirmed what we all already knew from watching 24/7: April hasn’t welcomed her calf yet.

“April kept my eyes on the screen most the night and this morning, but we start the day without a new calf on the ground. All in due time and without a rush. She continues to be in great physical and mental condition. Strong winds and dropping temperatures may keep our giraffes inside today and the next stretch of days. Seems winter is refusing to let go of Upstate NY. Once conditions are safe again, the giraffes will have yard access. During indoor stints, you may observe extra keeper bonding time, enrichment, and training sessions.”

Some folks are now wondering if the snowy weather headed toward New York will impact the giraffe’s labor. It has been said that changes in barometric pressure can make people and animals act differently (some believe a full moon has a similar effect). A snowstorm will cause a drop in barometric pressure, which could be just what April needs to help her along.

According to babyMed, this change in pressure can make a woman go into labor — so, could it do the same for a giraffe?

“A few studies suggest that an increase in barometric pressure late in the pregnancy could cause a woman to go into labor. The pressure causes the “initiating event” of membrane rupture to occur, and labor begins. Other studies suggest barometric pressure affects the nervous system, which could have an affect on labor pain. Depending on the body’s reaction, you could either be in less pain or more pain based on the increased pressure.”

The Animal Adventure Park in New York has done a great job keeping people informed about April and opening up this new world for all to see. Zoo personnel have answered fan questions and have even conducted a couple of Q&A sessions which has helped people learn about giraffes.

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There is also the possibility that Animal Adventure Park will end up losing power, cutting off the feed — but we won’t think of that (and we’ll hope and pray that the zoo has a generator!).

April’s exact due date is unknown. During a recent Q&A event, a zookeeper at New York’s Animal Adventure Park said, “If we knew the date, we’d let you know. We’re waiting just as patiently as you are.”

Do you think that April the giraffe will give birth at Animal Adventure Park during the upcoming inclement weather?

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