Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Trouble In Paradise? Experts Weigh In

It’s been less than a year for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry and there are already signs of trouble in paradise. Daily Mail released images of the couple’s latest public outing, and body language experts believe their relationship might be in trouble.

Harry took the Suits star to the wedding of his good friend Tom Inskip over the weekend. The couple was photographed waiting outside the church and relaxing by the beach, but Harry’s body language suggests that he’s getting tired of his new romance.

“In a nutshell, he looks bored and distant and she’s trying to get his attention,” Judi James, an expert in examining body language, explained. “Meghan is very much trying to signal them as a trophy couple, but he’s not playing ball.”

Given how Harry sounded thrilled about the relationship last November, James expected to see the couple very much in love. Instead, they looked like they were trying too hard to get each other’s attention.

Even worse, it looked like Harry was ignoring Markle when they were waiting outside of Hopewell Baptist Church after the ceremony. The actress was seen resting on Harry, who wasn’t making a big effort incorporating her into the group.

“I don’t think we can put this down to royal protocol in any way, shape or form,” James shared. “He does actually appear to be ignoring her but she’s trying to turn it into a passionate, me-and-my-trophy-man kind of shot. She’s very much trying to make them look like a couple here, even with that half-smile on her face. It’s a very loved-up look.”

While Meghan Markle was making an effort, James suggested that she was trying too hard to make them appear like a couple. In fact, Harry looked a little awkward in the situation as he talked with the other guys in the group.

The news comes after sources indicated that Markle and Harry were on the verge on exchanging vows. The actress has even reportedly moved into Harry’s Kensington Palace in London. Based on the photos, however, it doesn’t look like Harry and Markle’s relationship is off to a great start.

If Harry and Markle do get married, Vogue reports they would need to get the Queen’s permission first. Once married, the Queen would likely make the couple a duke and duchess over whatever dukedom is available. That means Markle would take on the title of Duchess Meghan.

Prince Harry.

Meanwhile, according to Mirror, Harry’s friend got married in Montego Bay, Jamaica, less than an hour drive from where Markle exchanged vows with her first hubby, Trevor Engleson. Inskip, who also goes by Skippy, has been close friends with Harry for a number of years and they famously spent a weekend partying together in Las Vegas back in 2012.

Harry and Markle stayed at the Round Hill Resort in Montego Bay for the ceremony. Harry flew economy for the wedding while Markle borrowed a private jet and arrived from Toronto, Canada. Harry’s aunt, Sarah Ferguson, was also in attendance.

During the reception, Yahoo reports that Harry celebrated the occasion with a little moonwalking to “Billie Jean.” At one point, Harry slammed into a waitress and sent a tray of drinks to the ground.

“Harry was mortified. Everyone was cheering him until he banged into the girl,” a source revealed. “He quickly grabbed hold of her to make sure she was ok and couldn’t apologize enough. Meghan and the girls were in stitches.”

The source added that Harry and Markle looked like they were in love during the party. With the drinks flowing, the couple didn’t leave the reception until the early hours of the morning.

Markle and Harry have only made a few public appearance since announcing their relationship in November. They have not commented on the latest rumors surrounding their romance. Until more information is revealed, it’s unclear whether or not their relationship is on the rocks.

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[Featured Image by Andrew Toth/Getty Images]