Wendy Williams Slammed After She Suggests Louis Tomlinson ‘Looks Gay’ [Video]

Louis Tomlinson is being slammed by Wendy Williams following his arrest for battery after an altercation with a paparazzo last week as the talk show host seemingly suggested that she thinks the One Direction star “looks gay,” and fans are hitting back.

Wendy appeared to make the cryptic joke about Louis’s sexuality on her daytime talk show The Wendy Williams Show this week, where she seemingly suggested that she thought Louis, who has a one-year-old son, may be gay.

“Which one’s the girlfriend?” Wendy asked on the show while displaying a photo of One Direction star Tomlinson and girlfriend Eleanor Calder as her audience laughed. “Just study the picture.”

Wendy then smirked and added “I’m not saying anything,” while looking at the photo of Louis and his on/off girlfriend Eleanor over her shoulder, before Williams then smacked her lips together, showed off some pretty telling body language and teased, “Okay!” with a little side eye.

Though Wendy didn’t explicitly use the word “gay” while discussing Tomlinson during the Hot Topics segment of the show, fans were quick to claim that that’s exactly what the host was cryptically implying with her pretty shady comments and her body language, as fans posted the clip taken from the talk show to music forum ATRL and claimed that Williams was suggesting Louis “looks gay.”

Users were quick to hit back at Wendy in the forum for supposed “gay” comments about Tomlinson, with some accusing the host of being “homophobic” for her remarks about the One Direction star.

Louis’ fans were also quick to throw in their two cents amid the “gay” controversy on social media, slamming Wendy for commenting on Tomlinson’s legal drama and for seemingly slyly questioning Tomlinson’s sexuality.

“Wendy Williams just hinted at Louis being gay and Eleanor being his beard omfg yassssss,” Twitter user @SASSYF28 tweeted after seeing Williams’ supposed “gay” comments on her popular daytime talk show, while One Direction fan @lovebitecth added, “Who tf is Wendy to talk about Louis and Eleanor like that?”

Louis Tomlinson’s fans were also quick to accuse Wendy Williams of throwing some pretty major shade in Louis’ direction with her sly comments about his sexuality.

Wendy Williams jokes that One Direction's Louis Tomlinson 'looks gay'

The Wendy Williams Show tried to shade Louis Tomlinson,” Twitter user @bukola8 tweeted after seeing Williams discussing Tomlinson’s arrest for battery on her talk show. “They are late talking about the Louis pap video, somebody said 1D is not relevant.”

Notably, Louis has always denied rumors circulating regarding his sexuality prior to Williams’ shade, though Heat reported that the singer has been bombarded with accusations from One Direction fans during his time with the band and has even been hit by bizarre theories suggesting himself and band mate Harry Styles were a couple.

The site claimed last year that some fans went as far as to claim that Louis and Eleanor’s relationship, which recently reignited, was supposedly, “one big fake lie from the get go,” though the fan theories have always been denied by the One Direction boys while The Sun reported in February that Tomlinson and Calder were officially back together prior to their airport incident.

But while Tomlinson hasn’t responded to Williams’ apparent shade amid allegations she seemingly questioned his sexuality, The Mirror reported that Tomlinson has allegedly hired a big time lawyer as he prepares to defend himself following his altercation with a paparazzo at LAX airport last week.

Louis Tomlinson slammed by Wendy Williams after she jokes he 'looks gay'

The site claimed that Louis was arrested by LAPD at the Los Angeles airport last week after he knocked a paparazzo to the ground while attempting to protect girlfriend Eleanor from a barrage of fans who appeared to attack her as the couple were making their way through the terminal.

According to the site, Tomlinson is prepared to fight his corner in the court room and has allegedly hired defense lawyer Marty Singer who allegedly charges his clients around $2,000 per hour.

What do you think of Wendy Williams throwing some cryptic shade at One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson and seemingly questioning his sexuality on The Wendy Williams Show?

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