Donald Trump Ally Roger Stone Slams Intelligence Community To Russian News

Donald Trump ally Roger Stone has a long resume in American Republican politics. In addition to working on the Trump campaign, he also served as an aide to President Nixon and worked as a campaign operative for Ronald Reagan in 1984. Although he was fired from the Trump campaign this summer, all signs suggest that Roger Stone is still very much in Donald Trump's corner, particularly when it comes to backing him against the allegations of the Trump Russia scandal rocking the Trump White House.

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Most recently, Roger Stone defended Donald Trump against the Trump Russia allegations by appearing in an interview with a Russian news network. RT, formerly known as Russia Today, reports that in an interview set to air today, Roger Stone spoke with Oksana Boyko about Donald Trump and Russia allegations, the wiretapping allegations that have recently surfaced against President Obama, and Roger Stone also repeatedly slammed the American intelligence community and called them liars.

RT is a news network that was created 12 years ago by Vladimir Putin and is touted as Russia's response to other international outlets such as France 24 and BBC News, reports the New York Times. It initially began as a network designed to show viewers the joys of Russia life, such as bikini skiing and pelmeni dumplings, but has since moved into harder line reporting focusing on politics and world issues.

RT takes a far-right position on world topics, covering extensively the 2008 Georgian War and the 2014 Ukrainian uprising and Russian annexation of Crimea. It also features Donald Trump allies on it repeatedly. As the Inquisitr recently reported, among the key players named in Trump Russia scandal are Roger Stone, and also a fellow by the name of Carter Page.

Carter Page has been named extensively in the unverified Trump Russia dossier published by BuzzFeed earlier this year, a dossier that details an extensive plan by the Russians to help get Donald Trump elected because Vladimir Putin allegedly hated and feared Hillary Clinton. Although the dossier in its entirety has not been verified, multiple sources have said that at least some parts of it can be confirmed, and some members of law enforcement have said they've confirmed some sections, but have not said which ones.

Additionally, Scott Dworkin of the Democratic Coalition Against Trump has done some independent verification of the dossier and has compiled a 40-page document on Trump Russia connections that identifies some areas of the Steele dossier that can be confirmed by news reports, interviews, and readily available public information. In the Scott Dworkin dossier, he also notes that Carter Page is another regular guest on the Russian-backed TV network and news outlet known as RT.

Carter Page appeared on the RT show "Worlds Apart" in December 2016, and Roger Stone's interview will appear on "Worlds Apart" today. Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, has also appeared on RT.


Scandal appears to follow Roger Stone in every political arm he has worked with, and there are many. He was an aide to President Nixon and knows the Watergate scandal that led to Nixon's impeachment well, worked on the Reagan campaign, and was mired in a sex scandal in 1996 when he worked on the Bob Dole presidential campaign as a volunteer.

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The New York Post alleged that in 1996 he and his wife visited sex clubs and placed X-rated ads online and in magazines. Buzzflash dubbed Roger Stone a "Sleazeball Swinger, " and in 2008, New York Magazine labeled Roger Stone a "Dirty Trickster" engaged in dirty politics.

Roger Stone is now seeking to have his politics advertised on the network formerly known as Russia Today.

As the New York Times reports, the "unifying character" of RT is that it is a "deep skepticism of Western and American narratives of the world and a fundamental defensiveness about Russia and Mr. Putin."

However, two political operatives from the United States connected to Donald Trump and Russia have appeared on it regularly. In Roger Stone's recent interview, the "deep skepticism of American narratives" shone through, when he slammed President Obama, continued to promote what appear to be false allegations about President Obama and called the American intelligence community liars.

He did so with the host of "Worlds Apart" Oksana Boyko. From the RT website, "Worlds Apart" is described as a "fast-paced, in-depth discussion on the most pressing issues facing the world today."

The RT website also refers to the Trump Russia scandal rocking the Trump White House as "Kremlin baiting in Washington," saying the following.

"Kremlin-baiting in Washington has once again reached the scale where mere contact with the Russians is viewed as shameful, if not treasonous, act. The question is, will the Trump Administration allow itself to be cowed by."
For "Worlds Apart" Roger Stone was asked about this Kremlin-baiting, and what he thought about the allegations that Russia interfered with the American elections. He said the intelligence community has not released any proof of this allegation, and also said the following.
"Let me review for you the assessments of the Central Intelligence Agency. They said there was no torture in American prisons during the Iraq War. That was a lie. They denied that there were renditions by foreign nationals by the US government during the Iraq War. That was a lie."
He then brought up Hillary Clinton, saying the claims of Russia meddling in the elections was to get Hillary elected, and that "they were wringing their hands in glee about war" as he claims Hillary Clinton had promised the Pentagon and the CIA of a proxy war in Syria. Roger Stone also said that Donald Trump prefers negotiation over war.

But it was the Trump Administration that recently put American boots on the ground in Syria, and engaged on a raid in Yemen that killed women and children, and an American. Roger Stone also talked about "President Putin and President Trump reaching peace in the Middle East."

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When asked about the resignation of General Flynn, a resignation that occurred when it was discovered that General Flynn was not honest about his communications with Russia, Roger Stone defended Flynn, as Trump has since the resignation. He said General Flynn did not violate the law, and that, "He was attempting to arrange a telephone conversation between President Putin and President Trump. We need to give peace a chance."

However, General Flynn was not fired for talking to Russia, he was fired for lying about it. If Stone's assertion is correct, that General Flynn was arranging contact between President Putin and President Trump, that would suggest that the infamous phone call that led to General Flynn's firing was mandated by Donald Trump, or that at least Donald Trump knew about it, and General Flynn was not acting on his own accord.

Roger Stone also said that Trump firing General Flynn was a "rush to judgment and unfortunate." Roger Stone was also quick to criticize the Obama Administration, to RT, formerly known as Russia Today. He was interviewed about the recent allegations by Donald Trump against President Obama, where Donald Trump accuses President Obama of feloniously wiretapping Trump at Trump Tower.

Roger Stone believes that President Obama did this, and says, "This is a scandal bigger than Watergate." He also parsed President Obama's statement on the matter, saying as follows.

"If you look at the statement by President Obama this weekend, he said he didn't approve eavesdropping on candidate Trump. Notice he didn't say it didn't happen, only that he didn't approve it."
This would be true because only a FISA court can approve any kind of wiretapping on an American citizen. Roger Stone acknowledged this in his interview. He also acknowledged that if the FISA court did approve of such a wiretapping, that likely President Obama knew about it. But this is not necessarily true, and even if it was, it contradicts the original allegation of Donald Trump levied against President Obama.


Donald Trump accused President Obama of illegal wiretapping. If a FISA court ordered wiretapping against Donald Trump, that means they had evidence and probable cause to do so and could suggest Donald Trump is in real trouble. It would also mean that any wiretapping of Donald Trump was legal.

Roger Stone then said that FBI Director Comey should be fired over this and upon that termination that, "within hours have him in front of a grand jury to find out what he knows." The other side of this is that it is possible that Roger Stone wants James Comey to go away, and wants to know what Comey knows, because Stone is allegedly the subject of an FBI investigation being conducted by James Comey, on the Trump Russia scandal.

However, any information about wiretapping is ordered by a secret FISA court, and we would not even know about any wiretapping, actual or speculated, were it not for Donald Trump's tweets this past weekend. If the allegation is true and there was wiretapping on Trump Tower, that wiretapping is likely a legal operation, and also likely a classified situation that in itself on its face should not be broadcasted on Twitter. As a result of these allegations, as The Inquisitr reported, Harvard law professors and Constitutional experts say that the allegations of illegal wiretapping alone could form articles of impeachment.

The wiretapping allegations have Senators and House Representatives up in arms, and they want to get to the bottom of such a serious allegation. In a letter to the Department of Justice yesterday, Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse ask the Department of Justice for any and all information and an investigation into Donald Trump's wiretapping claims. Here is what these Senators write.

"We would take any abuse of wiretapping authorities for political purposes very seriously. We would be equally alarmed to learn that a court found enough evidence of criminal activity or contact with a foreign power to legally authorize a wiretap of President Trump, the Trump Campaign, or Trump Tower."

Roger Stone also told the viewers of RT not to "buy the crap" being put out by CNN and mainstream media. He then referred their viewers to sites such as Breitbart News, Infowars, and The Daily Caller. All of those sites are strongly conservative and far right outlets, with some even having an alt-right mission. The most recent headline out of Breitbart is, "The Truth About the Establishment's New Favorite Euphemism: Muslim Majority Countries."

Senator Lindsay Graham and Senator Whitehouse are not the only officials calling for more investigation into Donald Trump's wiretapping tweets this weekend. President Trump has called for one himself, as noted by the senators in their letter to the Department of Justice.

Roger Stone's interview on the Donald Trump Russia scandal, the wiretapping scandal, and his opinions of the intelligence community that are allegedly investigating him, will air today on "Worlds Apart" on RT, formerly known as Russia Today.

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