Lewis Bloor Admits To Cheating On Marnie Simpson

Lewis Bloor admits that he cheated on Marnie Simpson during their couple holiday to Barcelona. The two who have had turbulent relationship had finally split when it came to light that Lewis had cheated on Marnie. He denied the allegations for a while but finally admitted to doing so when a video of him kissing a girl who wasn’t Marnie surfaced online.

The former TOWIE reality star had denied the claims made by his ex that he had waited for her to fall asleep being for sneaking off to be with another girl.

Lewis and Marnie got together after appearing on the show, Celebrity Big Brother, and had enjoyed each other’s company. The two shared pictures of each other and it seemed that the two were madly in love with each other. However, the two first split up last year with Marnie tweeting the end of their relationship.

The two reunited but a video surfaced of the young man kissing another girl and that was the end of their relationship.


Lewis and Marnie finally split

Marnie who was obviously upset by what had just surfaced in her relationship took to her social media to express her both her anger and broken heart to her fans. She confirmed the split and said that she said that she didn’t want the world to know but that quickly changed.

After Lewis Bloor admitted to cheating on Marnie Simpson and claimed that his reasons were because of Marnie flirting with a former flame. He claimed that she left him angry and humiliated by her actions. Lewis insisted on meeting with the man that had called Marnie and found him very good looking and he simply stood and observed how the two were acting. He said that he could tell that the two had some history and that she was all over the guy and flirting with him.

He then questioned her and she admitted that the two did indeed have history together. Lewis felt that Marnie had ruined their holiday with the handsome gentleman that she had been speaking with.

According to Lewis, he said that he knew that he could tell that the two still had feelings for each other as the two had made out the first he and Marnie had broken up.

Lewis did, however, admit that his behavior was wrong but he said he didn’t cheat on her to seek vengeance.

“My logic was, ‘I don’t wanna forget about this relationship just yet’, so I did something to feel a little more manly I suppose – how pathetic is that?”

Lewis Bloor admits that he cheated on Marnie Simpson

He apparently was simply feeling jealous and insecure and that by doing so the two would be able to continue on with their holiday as if nothing had happened. Adding that if Marnie were in his shoes and saw him do what she did with another guy he would have been dumped in that exact moment.

Lewis has denied that he did more than kissing with the girl he had cheated with. The girl went on to Marnie’s social media and told her what exactly she had done with Lewis when he snuck off. With fans carefully watching the drama unfold Lewis explained that he couldn’t sleep and he didn’t want to be in the relationship anymore. He found some girls and ended up kissing them before heading back to their room and continuing their romp in her bed. He said that the claims about the two having sex were rubbish.

He then apparently felt like he was okay with being with Marnie and that the two had a good relationship so he figured they could continue as they were. Marnie Simpson did admit that she had bumped into someone she had once made out with prior to Lewis and that she wasn’t all over him but she was tipsy and that she was overly friendly and that she never cheated.

She thanked her fans for supporting her through her publicly broken heart.

Lewis Bloor seeks therapy

Lewis Bloor who is from Essex claims that he is going to get help from a psychiatrist. This was after a video of him surfaced Lewis Bloor finally admitted that he had cheated on Marnie Simpson.

He said that he had spoken to both Marnie and his mother and they all agreed that he needed professional help and that the therapist would decide on what would be best for him.

He admits that his problems may have stemmed from his childhood starting with his father who had cheated on his mother when he was 14.

Lewis Bloor admits that he cheated on Marnie Simpson

Lewis and Marie are apparently still deeply in love with each other and he admits that because of how attractive she is his insecurities come out.


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