Danielle Mason Goes Topless In A Bikini Shoot, Plans To Reduce Breast Size

Danielle Mason goes topless in her latest bikini shoot. Using her hands to cleverly cover her 32GG breasts, Danielle showed off her model prowess as she sizzled in front of the lens. As Mason goes topless in the bikini shoot, she also confessed her plans to having a breast reduction as she is “sick of men being obsessed with them.”

Danielle Mason smolders in her sexiest photo shoot ever

She’s already a mother of two and yet, her looks didn’t complement her age. Looking young and sexy, the 33-year-old model experimented with her modeling skills in her latest bikini shoot. Danielle Mason goes topless for the shoot using only her hands to cover her voluptuous cleavage.

At first, Mason wore a two-piece gold-sequined bikini, which displayed the inkling on her bikini line and toned stomach. She rocked her blonde tresses into loose beach waves and added a pop of color to her face with a glossy ruby lipstick. With her flawless skin and glamorous face, it’s hard to believe that she’s already a mother to two beautiful children.

Speaking to Mail Online on Thursday, the Glamour model confessed that she has plans to reduce her surgically-enhanced 32GG boobs to a D cup, “I’m sick of men being obsessed with my boobs and I’ve always got crippling back pain.”

Danielle mason goes topless

That’s one disadvantage when you have a bodacious cleavage. Back pains and big boobs go hand-in-hand.

“I want to go down to a D cup because I think that size will suit me more, but the thought of going under the knife again is scary,” she added.

The reality star is modeling the gold-sequined bikini for Mirror Image Style. Later during the shoot, Danielle Mason went topless as she ditched the top to bare her full bust. One of her sexy poses showcased the colored tattoos on the inside of her wrists. Although currently single, the blonde bombshell also flashed a diamond ring on her right hand.

With her breasts reduction plans, Mason is now busy flaunting her round bum which is the new term for cleavage. Her latest Instagram snap flaunted the results of her non-invasive butt lift as the model bared her thong-clad backside.

If you have it, then flaunt it

Danielle Mason isn’t so shy when showing off her gorgeous curves in some raunchy snaps. Last month, the My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star stripped off for a risqué lingerie shoot. While gazing sultrily in front of the camera, Mason gave us a peek show of her nipples through the see-through material. No denying that she has certainly a pretty face to boot.

She had a nasty spat with Jemma Lucy

Earlier this month, Danielle Mason spoke to Daily Star about her clashing attitude towards Jemma Lucy. She said, “Jemma Lucy – I don’t like her. I don’t think I could keep up with her… she must have some STDs. Not sure what that is on her neck [tattoo] but it’s too heavy. Her lips look like massive airbags they too big—like a disaster on her face.” Mason continued to diss Lucy in the scathing interview.

Danielle mason goes topless

Not one to keep quiet, the blunt Ex On The Beach star tweeted her anger on Twitter, “I don’t have any STIs thanks, what makes u think that? Cos I like sex?!”

Jemma continued, “Plus, you might want to go to the gym before u start taking your clothes off like that. You look like jelly on a plate.”

Well, their fight turned out nasty with ferocious insults being tossed around between the two ladies. We don’t know if the two reconciled after that. For sure, they’re not yet on speaking terms.

[Featured Image by Tim Whitby/Getty Images]