‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Will Meredith Date Riggs Or Alex In Season 13?

Grey’s Anatomy has been teasing a new romance for Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) in Season 13 following the death of her husband Derek Shephard (Patrick Dempsey), but is she about to settle down and start dating either Riggs (Martin Henderson) or Alex (Justin Chambers)?

Grey’s appears to have been teasing the possibility of Meredith hooking up with Alex throughout Season 13 – which has gained pretty mixed reviews from fans – but could she now be about to make a big decision when it comes to her new love interest?

After initially hooking up towards the end of last season, Refinery29 reported that Meredith and Riggs have “a moment” in the March 9 episode of the ABC medical drama titled “Civil War,” which could be the biggest tease yet that Ellen’s character could be leaning towards a full blown romance with the doctor, despite hints she and Alex could be about to take their romance to the next level in this season of Grey’s Anatomy.

In a clip from Civil War, the site noted that Alex finds himself in the middle of Meredith and Riggs’ flirtation and it looks like he could have a hint of jealousy when seeing his longtime friend have a flirty exchange with her one-time hookup partner, despite Meredith proclaiming that she doesn’t want to be with the doctor.

But could this be a sign that Meredith is about to choose her potential new boyfriend?

Grey's Anatomy spoilers: Will Meredith be dating Alex or Riggs in Season 13?

The possibility of Meredith moving on from Derek following his shocking death in Season 11 has been a seriously hot topic with Grey’s Anatomy fans over the past few months, and Meredith’s potential new love interests have been dividing fans online.

Grey’s Anatomy fans have taken to social media to urge Meredith to move on with Riggs following the pretty steamy hook-ups, though others have been urging the doctor to take her relationship to the next level with Alex and start dating the doctor, despite the duo being close friends for years.

“Meredith Grey and Nathan Riggs just need to get together already,” Grey’s Anatomy fan @924_emily wrote of the two potentially dating, while @gabbster96 added of a possible new Grey’s Anatomy romance for Meredith, “I wish Riggs and Meredith would get together already…officially.”

But while some Grey’s Anatomy’s viewers urged Meredith to start dating Riggs, others made it clear they want to see Pompeo’s character get romantic with Alex.

“I would be okay with Meredith dating Alex #GreysAnatomy,” Grey’s Anatomy’s fan @itsdevon08 wrote on the social media site, while @burrrley noted, “Alex and Meredith need a couples name now because I swear to God they’re dating.”

Other fans even claimed that, despite the apparent romantic chemistry between them that seems to have been rearing its head over the past few episodes, Alex may already know that Meredith wants to be with Riggs despite her denials and could step away when it comes to a possible new Grey’s Anatomy romance.

“Alex is Meredith’s best friend. Alex recognizes the fact that Meredith wants to be with Riggs,” Grey’s fan @AnatomyMer93 tweeted out of the love triangle that seems to be playing out, while Grey’s Anatomy watcher @JoanneDeSetfan1 agreed, adding, “Alex knows Meredith wants to be with Riggs.”

Grey's Anatomy spoilers: Alex or Riggs? Who will Meredith choose?

But does that mean Alex and Meredith won’t start dating and become an official couple on Grey’s Anatomy anytime soon?

Amid hints in recent episodes that Meredith and Alex could start dating in Season 13, both Ellen Pompeo and Justin Chambers have spoken out about the possibility of their characters getting together but weren’t willing to give too much away when it came to the possibility of a hookup from the years-long friends in the upcoming Grey’s Anatomy episodes.

“I think anything is possible,” Chambers recently told E! News when asked about the possibility of Meredith and Alex dating in at some point in Season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy amid a whole lot of speculation from fans that a hook up is coming.

However, it sounds like Justin isn’t about to champion the two Grey’s Anatomy characters dating.

“I think that they’re very much like siblings. They’ve been through so much together,” Chambers admitted of a possible Grey’s hookup. “Personally, I don’t see it. But, hey, this is Grey’s Anatomy. Anything is possible.”

Who do you think Meredith should start dating on Grey’s Anatomy? Should she get serious with Riggs or take her friendship with Alex to the next level?

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