Tiny Kitten Rescued After Getting Trapped In Lincoln Statue [Video]

A three-week old kitten trapped in a replica statue of President Abraham Lincoln at the Clermont President’s Hall of Fame in Clermont, Florida has been rescued. The cute, dark grey kitten was dehydrated but otherwise alright.

Paw Nation reports that the kitten’s meows could be heard around the statue for several days before the rescue, but initially it was unclear where the sound was coming from. After three days, the staff called in the Minneola Fire Department to see if indeed a kitten was trapped and to rescue it if so.

The rescue was quite the operation. To get the three-week-old kitten out the Lincoln statue, a representative of the Humane Society let out his own meow as a test, and the kitten responded. Firefighters then had to cut a hole in the back of the statue before lowering in a fireman. It was a few minutes before the man re-emerged, but, when he did he was holding a little ball of fur that appeared to be alright. Once out, it was given a warm blanket and a syringe of nutrients to start its recovery.

How the kitten go into the statue is still a mystery. The only hole in the statue is at the top, but it was believed to be too high for the small kitten to have reached. It was also unclear how long the kitten had been trapped.

The Associated Press reports that the kitten will be nursed to health before it is put up for adoption. The owner of the Clermont President’s Hall of Fame hopes to adopt the kitten. The three-week old kitten has been nicknamed Abe in honor of the former president.