Russell Brand Shopping Cart Story: He Says He Never Hit Homeless Man’s Cart

The Russell Brand shopping cart story spread last week, claiming that the actor and comedian knocked over a homeless man’s shopping cart and then stopped to help.

Brand says it’s only half true.

As TMZ reported, Brand was seen picking up the shopping cart after it he had knocked it over while driving in Los Angeles.

But Russell Brand spoke to TMZ again to clear up the shopping cart story. Apparently, Brand just happened to be driving by and saw that the homeless man’s shopping cart had spilled onto the street. So Russell decided to get out and lend the man a hand.

Russell Brand actually has a history of helping out homeless people. In September, it was reported that he took a group of homeless men out to breakfast at the Newsroom Cafe in West Hollywood.

In another two instances, Russell Brand allowed a homeless man to get cleaned up at his home and was once spotted outside his yoga class offering a glass of water to a homeless man. Brand then stopped to chat with the homeless man for a while before going on his way.

The Russell Brand shopping cart story should still give a boost to his image, which has been under attack from an American extremist group. The Westboro Baptist Church, known for its virulent anti-gay stance and picketing up just about anywhere that can get them attention, recently called Brand a homophobic slur, the Sun reported. Brand laughed off the insult, even inviting the protesters to join him onstage.