Batman’s Involvement In ‘Wonder Woman’ Confirmed And Detailed

Ever since Wonder Woman went into production, there has been increasing speculation that Ben Affleck’s Batman will appear in the film in some guise. But while those involved with Wonder Woman actually stopped short of confirming the presence of the Caped Crusader in the film, one of the crew from the blockbuster did reveal that Bruce Wayne will play a key part in the film.

Project Liaison Anna Obropta made this revelation to Cinema Blend during a set visit to the blockbuster during its production. Anna Obropta explained that while Wonder Woman mostly unfolds during the First World War, it actually starts after the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. The opening scene shows Wonder Woman living in Paris, which is when she receives a package from none other than Bruce Wayne.

“She’s working at the Louvre and she’s working in antiquities and she receives a package, a crate from Wayne Enterprises. Throughout Batman v Superman, she’s been chasing down this glass plate photograph of herself, we find out, and of a team of men surrounding her, this old photograph, maybe 100 years old. She’s been trying to get her hands on it in Batman v Superman, but it’s in Lex Luthor’s possession, so she never really gets it. And then at the beginning of Wonder Woman she receives this crate, opens it up and it’s this glass plate photograph that she was chasing, compliments of Bruce Wayne… with a little note that says, ‘This photograph isn’t just yours. It is you. I hope you tell me your story someday.'”

Batman's involvement in Wonder Woman revealed
[Image by Warner Bros]

Upon seeing this photograph, which also includes Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), Charlie (Ewen Bremner), Chief (Eugene Brave Rock), and Sameer (Said Taghmaoui), Wonder Woman starts reminiscing about her time in the First World War, which is when the narrative for the blockbuster truly kicks in.

This revelation actually confirms a rumor that has been doing the rounds ever since test screenings for Wonder Woman began. This speculation also alleges that the film concludes with Batman asking Wonder Woman to help him form the Justice League, which just so happens to be the next film due out from the DC Extended Universe.

There’s every chance, though, that Batman’s involvement in Wonder Woman won’t actually extend beyond this letter, and that Ben Affleck will sit this film out, having previously made an appearance in both Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Suicide Squad.

If Ben Affleck doesn’t appear in Wonder Woman, then Gal Gadot will undoubtedly be a little disappointed. That’s because, while out promoting Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, the Israeli actress spoke glowingly about working with the Academy Award winner to Us Weekly, explaining that she really responds to working with actors that are also directors.

“I find it very enjoyable to work with an actor who is also a director. There’s an added value to it. He knew how to push my buttons to get more out of me as an actress.”

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Her praise didn’t stop there, because Gal Gadot also lavished praise on Ben Affleck’s performance as Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice to Sky Cinema UK, insisting that he was right up there with the best incarnation of the superhero to ever reach the big-screen.

“I think that Ben is such a good actor. Very, very talented. I think the interpretation that they gave Batman in this movie they wanted him to be more weary, more tired of life, more cynical, more dark. I think that Ben captured it in such a sophisticated way. He’s one of my favorite Batmans, for sure – if not the best one.”

We’ll get to see if Gal Gadot shares the screen with Ben Affleck’s Batman again when Wonder Woman is finally released on June 2. While even if she doesn’t then, Wonder Woman and Batman will definitely work in tandem in Justice League, which will be with us on November 17.

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