What Is The #GetOutChallenge? New Viral Videos Inspired By The Movie ‘Get Out’

Jordan Peele’s new breakout hit Get Out isn’t just breaking records, it is also inspiring challenges like the brand new #GetOutChallenge that has become so popular that even celebrities are getting in on the fun. The #GetOutChallenge is definitely not as serious, or as scary, as the new horror movie Get Out. Instead, it’s kind of fun and interesting to see the new videos that are popping up across the internet as a result of the newest viral internet challenge as reported by Mashable. If you want to know what the #GetOutChallenge is, keep reading, but if you haven’t seen the movie yet, just know that the explanation may contain light Get Out spoilers.

Get Out is a socio-political thriller based on a black man named Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) who is invited to his white girlfriend Rose’s (Allison Williams) house for a weekend visit. Once there, Chris realizes the movie’s tagline which reads, “Just because you’re invited, doesn’t mean you’re welcome.” Rose’s parents seem pretty normal and even a bit liberal as her dad tells Chris that he would have voted for Barack Obama for a third term if he could have run for president again. Everything seems great if not just a bit off.

Rose’s family is well off and have several employees at their home which is truly an estate. One of those employees is a black man named Walter. When Chris sneaks out of his bedroom so he can smoke in secret at night while he is visiting, he sees Walter again and this is when he starts to realize just how weird things are around the estate. Chris sees someone or something running at him at full speed and as it gets closer, Chris realizes that the runner is Walter. As Walter gets close enough to run right into Chris, he suddenly makes a very sharp right turn and keeps on running. That is the inspiration for the #GetOutChallenge.

Now, social media has been overtaken by the #GetOutChallenge and people are busy posting their own videos all over Twitter, YouTube, and even Instagram. On a scale of “Ice Bucket Challenge” to “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge,” the #GetOutChallenge probably ranks somewhere in the middle in terms of safety. While the videos of people running and then abruptly changing direction are entertaining, what makes them even funnier are the failed attempts at the #GetOutChallenge. In some of the videos posted, the person trying to complete the #GetOutChallenge doesn’t quite make the turn and rather than running forward, they are having some pretty hilarious falls. Everyone likes a blooper video, right?

It seems with all of the racial undertones, (can we even call them undertones?) in the movie Get Out, that a challenge fashioned after it might have more of an important message rather than just the hilarity of running toward the camera and then quickly changing direction while continuing to run. Then again, sometimes it’s just fun to do something silly on social media that doesn’t have a bunch of racial or political messages in it despite where the inspiration came from.

It’s even more fun when famous people get in on the viral internet challenges and this one is no different than many of the others that have gone viral in recent months. This time around, even Steph Curry is showing off his skills by running down a hallway before quickly turning as he ran up on the camera. Be sure to check out each of the latest #GetOutChallenge videos and consider making your own to share.

[Featured Image by Universal Pictures]