Jennifer Lopez Spins Her Booty And Shows Off Whipping Skills

Jennifer Lopez sure knows how to spin her booty in a “washing machine,” yet sexy manner, according to E! News. The “Booty” singer participated in an epic Dance Battle with Jimmy Fallon.

When Fallon hosted Jennifer Lopez on his late night talk show, he went as far as challenging the dance queen to a dance battle. While Fallon certainly deserves a round of applause for his courage, he did show off a few superb moves as well.

The point of the segment on The Tonight Show is to randomly select hilarious made-up dance moves out of a bag and do your best at nailing that move.

Fallon went first and pulled out the “putting on skinny jeans” dance move. And while Jennifer Lopez insisted she wanted to show that dance move as well, Fallon didn’t give up so easily.

Fallon hit the dance floor pretending to struggle to put on skinny jeans and even ended up on the floor towards the end of his hilarious performance. Jennifer Lopez was impressed.

But nothing and no one can beat Jennifer Lopez, and that’s exactly what J.Lo proved when she pulled out the “washing machine on spin cycle” card.

Besides, Jennifer Lopez apparently can make literally any dance move – even mimicking a washing machine washing dirty clothes – look sexy. For the dance move, Jennifer Lopez got the assistance of her booty and started moving her curves and thrusting her hips in a spinning motion. The “Booty” singer finished her performance with hair flips, totally nailing the washing machine dance move.

Everyone now probably wishes they had Jennifer Lopez in their house in place of their regular washing machine, whom they could activate every time they need to wash clothes – or simply watch J.Lo spin her booty one more time – and get the whole performance right in their house.

But Fallon has great moves, too. When the Tonight Show host pulled out the “walking on a moving bus” dance move, he totally stunned the audience with his creativity on this one.

While Jennifer Lopez was watching, Fallon pretend that he was seated on a bus, and then got up to walk toward the exit. But here’s the deal; that bus was moving, so the host had to stumble around to the beat of the music.

Then Jennifer Lopez pulled out the “hot cowboy” card. By now everyone though that the whole game could be rigged – somebody wanted Jenny to steal all the sexy-style moves for herself that night!

Jennifer Lopez joked that her “hot cowboy” dance move would be “eerily similar” to her previous move when she stunned the audience with her booty moves, and then she burst out into a dance.

Doing everything in a very sexy manner (no shocker here, really), Jennifer Lopez pretended she was riding an invisible horse and whipping everything and everyone around. She totally went all Fifty Shades of Grey on that invisible horse (if that was even a horse!).

Watch the whole scene play out here.

But Jennifer Lopez isn’t only the queen of dance moves; she’s also the queen of style! J.Lo had a rather busy Wednesday as she wore five different outfits that day, according to People magazine.

Jennifer Lopez went on a style spree while running from one studio to another to promote the second season of Shades of Blue.

For her guest appearance on Fallon’s late night talk show and for the dance battle, Jennifer Lopez sported a brown tan plaid one-piece by designer Sophie Theallet.

For the actual premiere of her NBC crime drama, Jennifer Lopez opted for a fabulous two-piece from Zuhair Murad’s Spring 2017 ready-to-wear collection.

[Featured Image by Evan Agostini/AP Images]