Dr. Phil, A Popular Talk Show Host, Received Good News From Danielle Bregoli

Lucy Santos


All those fans of the Dr. Phil Show will never forget Danielle Bregoli, a rebellious teenage girl who stole cars, as well as engaging in other forms of delinquent behavior. Viewers of the show, as well as Dr. Phil, were surprised when the spunky 13-year-old said, "Cash Me Ousside, howbow dat?" As he does with all of his guests, Dr. Phil helped Bregoli by sending her to a costly rehabilitation center, and her concerned mom, Barbara Bregoli, breathed a sigh of relief.

In a recent episode of the Dr. Phil Show, Bregoli came back to tell Dr. Phil not only that she had changed for the better, but she also informed him that she had become famous. In fact, Bregoli, who has millions of Instagram followers and hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers, could shortly be getting her own reality television show.

Unlike Bregoli, most guests who come back to the Dr. Phil Show do not find fame and fortune, but they do get a new lease on life. Many of the guests are simply people that society has given up on. Due to their addictions or mental problems, they have isolated themselves from others. Some of the guests are still part of the world of reality, while others live in a fantasy world that they have created. It is up to Dr. Phil to get them back to reality.

Before descending into the dangerous world of mental depression or addiction, some of Dr. Phil's guests had great careers and lives filled with many possibilities. Unfortunately, they lost everything that they worked so hard to acquire due to mental illness or drug problems and sometimes the deadly combination of both. Dr. Phil begins to unravel what took place in their lives as if he was working on a jigsaw puzzle.

In some cases, Dr. Phil is able to make a definitive diagnosis for his guests and send them to centers to get the help that they desperately need in order to overcome their mental illness or addiction. In other more complex cases, Dr. Phil must put his guests through other psychological assessments and seek the opinion of other psychologists to find the exact diagnosis. The rehabilitation centers that Dr. Phil sends his guests to for treatment are much too expensive for the average family to afford. Dr. Phil truly serves the community by paying for his guests' treatment at these specialized facilities, so that they can start anew.

Ever since he was young, Dr. Phil always knew that he had a calling to help people. In 1979, Phil McGraw obtained his P.H.D in psychology from the University of North Texas. In 1989, Dr. Phil created a company called Courtroom Sciences to help trial lawyers select jurors, as well as with many other court procedures. The CBS hit drama Bull is based on Dr. Phil's days as a trial consultant for lawyers.

While he ran his business, Courtroom Sciences, he met with Oprah Winfrey, who was being sued by cattlemen, and he helped her win her case in 1996. In 1998, Dr. Phil began to work on the Oprah Show counseling others and acting as a motivational speaker among many other important roles. Working on the Oprah Show helped catapult Dr. Phil's success in the television business.

In the fall of 2002, the Dr. Phil Show began with very high ratings. By having his own show, Dr. Phil achieved his lifelong dream of helping many people who would otherwise not get the help that they needed. In addition to his program, Dr. Phil also helps people through his self-help books, and many of his books are New York Times bestsellers.

It is no wonder why so many Americans watch the Dr. Phil Show since it is not only an entertaining show, but it is also a program that really helps people combat mental illness or addiction. With such few programs on television that transform an individual's life for the better, the Dr. Phil Show stands out above all of the others. Just as he helped Danielle Bregoli, he will continue to help many others to unleash their full potential and let go of all of their demons for good.

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