Megyn Kelly’s NBC Debut: When She’ll Return To TV

Megyn Kelly’s NBC debut is coming sooner than people might think. She left the Fox News Channel earlier this year in search of a better fit for her work schedule. The 46-year-old will take on a variety of broadcasting duties at NBC that will consist of a one-hour morning news program, a daytime show, and a Sunday evening news magazine. She’ll also anchor special coverage of political and other breaking news events.

NBC News Group chairman Andrew Lack spoke at a breakfast panel in New York’s IESE Business School to discuss the hiring of Megyn Kelly and how the media is being skewered by the Trump administration.

The Hollywood Reporter recapped what Lack said about the mega star journalist and what it’s like being a part of the “unpopular” media.

Lack raved about having Kelly as a part of the NBC team.

“Megyn Kelly is a serious journalist and her work on Fox [News] commanded attention because of who she was interviewing, how she was interviewing them and what she was getting from them every night on television. She’s popular. That commands star-like coverage — because of her work.”

According to the report, Megyn will “most likely” host one hour of Today this summer, but she is expected to make her NBC debut in May since her non-compete clause expires at that time.

Lack said NBC was a “good fit” for Megyn Kelly because she’ll host a morning and evening show.

The former Fox News journalist held her own when she got into a nasty feud with then-presidential candidate Donald Trump after she opened the first Republican debate with a question he didn’t approve of. Trump had a Twitter meltdown over Megyn Kelly being, in his opinion, an inept, sub-par journalist. Kelly was professional throughout the ordeal and was recognized for not allowing Trump to intimidate her. This is something Lack says they won’t let the Trump presidency do in spite of its intention to do just that.

The NBC chairman also explains that the press has always been unpopular with presidents and that it’s nothing new. He points to Thomas Jefferson and Richard Nixon as notorious leaders who made their disdain for the media known.

“That’s fundamental to our democracy. We go through periods where we’re in the crosshairs, we’re targeted.

“Here we are again. We’re not going to be intimidated by that. I think it’s a distraction from what we’d like to focus on, which is policy.”

Lack added that Trump’s reputation for unleashing vitriol towards those who oppose him has drawn attention to his demeanor. The network executive said that “this president has us a bit more focused on temperament than we expected.”

Until Megyn Kelly begins her work with NBC, she’s busy spending quality time with her three children — Edward, 7; Yardley, 6; and Thatcher, 3. She told Closer in an interview that part of taking care of your family is taking care of yourself, which is why she made the move from Fox to NBC. She revealed how fulfilling it is to be the one to tuck them in at night, which she was unable to do when she anchored The Kelly File weeknights at Fox News. When she hosts the Sunday evening program on NBC, she’ll only be away from her kids one night a week instead of five.

Details on exactly what Kelly will be doing at NBC haven’t been announced yet. Fans of Megyn Kelly can look forward to hearing more about her anticipated debut in May to surface in the near future.

[Featured Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]