WWE Rumors: AJ Styles Vs. Shane McMahon Is Happening, Is ‘SmackDown’ Over?

With all of the efforts by the WWE towards WrestleMania, the latest WWE rumors suggest that there are a few more “big name” matches that they have to put together in order to keep the audiences interested in “wrestling’s biggest night.” And while Raw superstars seem to have lost their proverbial way, when it comes to WrestleMania promotion, the SmackDown stars seem to be locked into WrestleMania promotion full-force.

But there are some WWE rumors that suggest that one of the SmackDown stars — AJ Styles — may be singing the last hurrah of the SmackDown brand. Between rumors that he’s about to be traded to Raw, the unnecessary upcoming battle with Shane McMahon, and the lack of proper promotion of the blue brand, it just might mean curtains for “the house that AJ Styles built!”

That’s the word according to The AV Club, whose latest round of WWE rumors suggest that WWE company executives are planning to “burn down the house that AJ Styles built.”

“This week’s SmackDown is a huge piece of evidence in the case for why WWE made the wrong choice in even putting AJ Styles anywhere near this Wyatt storyline in the first place. As much as people like Orton, the opening promo has Bryan and Shane crowd source to see who they think should be in the WrestleMania match against Bray Wyatt, Styles so very clearly gets the louder reaction.”

So, because AJ Styles isn’t getting a WrestleMania main event, the latest WWE rumors from ComicBook suggest that he’s just going to have to settle for the next best thing; which is a match with Shane McMahon.

Yeah, this seems like a huge disappointment for us too.

Never fear, though, because AJ Styles got all up in Shane McMahon’s face, and let him know what he really thought of him and his half-baked fight ideas.

“The “face that runs the place” felt slighted by having to win another match with Randy Orton to be included in the WWE Championship match when he had already won a number one contender’s match the week before. This will almost certainly lead to the heavily rumored Styles vs Shane O’Mac match that many have speculated will be taking place at this year’s WrestleMania. While Styles and Shane will certainly have a memorable spotfest, this has been just about the most convoluted way to start a last minute ‘Mania program as we’ve seen in recent memory. Especially considering it was Shane who thought Styles deserved the number one spot.”

And this, according to the latest WWE rumors from Forbes, is all the more reason why it’s a good idea to trade AJ Styles to Raw, especially if it means to get him off of a sinking ship.

“If WWE sends Reigns to the blue brand and moves Styles to Monday nights, it stops Reigns from being a square peg that WWE has forced into a round hole, a.k.a. the top babyface spot on its flagship show. Likewise, it could cement Styles as the babyface that he should be while also opening up a wide variety of fresh feuds, matches and storylines for both superstars after most of their options have been exhausted on their current brands. Perhaps most importantly, though, Styles for Reigns is an even trade, more so than Reigns for John Cena, Styles for Rollins or any other blockbuster trade you can come up with.”

What do you think of this latest round of WWE rumors? Do you think AJ Styles getting traded to Raw is a good idea? Do you think SmackDown will be canceled?

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