Melania Trump Gave False Hope To Sick Kids, Accuses Radio Host

A few Americans are not pleased with Melania Trump’s recent statement she made during her visit to the children’s hospital. Radio host and media personality Farron Cousins has even accused the First Lady of trying to give false hope to the sick kids because of the president’s health care plan of 2017.

During her latest visit at children’s hospital in Washington, D.C., First Lady Melania shared her views on the benefits of the positive environment on health. The released statement from the hospital cites Melania Trump when she revealed her take on the well-being of all children.

“I am a passionate believer in integrating and interpreting nature’s elements into our daily lives to create a warm, nurturing and positive environment,” said Melania Trump, based on a statement released by Children’s National Hospital. “I believe that these same natural benefits can be instrumental to enhancing the health and well-being of all children.”

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As President Donald Trump’s new plan has been released, many are stating that it will take away good healthcare system from millions of children from across the country. Smoking Gun website has shown their outburst by comparing Melania’s statement with the president’s new healthcare system.

“For some of these kids, the woods are all they’re gonna have after losing their insurance coverage,” said the website.

Just like Smoking Gun, radio host Farron Cousins has also shared his views. Farron has accused Melania Trump of trying to give sick kids hope when the president is trying to “take away hope.”

“Scientific evidence does support the fact that there are natural remedies for certain things within nature,” he said. “It’s not going to do anything to touch cancer. It’s not going to do anything to help with leukemia or diabetes. But that’s not the point… this story is not about what Melania Trump said or how she said it or how anybody has misconstrued it. It’s the fact that she was speaking to sick children, trying to give them hope at the same time that her husband is trying to take away hope.”

Similar to Smoking Gun and Farron Cousins, even Think Progress noted that her husband, Donald Trump’s “World’s Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017,” would leave millions of children without health insurance, through the repeal of Obamacare, according to a report by the Urban Institute’s Health Policy Center.

“We find that 4.4 million children and 7.6 million parents could lose coverage in 2019 if Congress’s budget reconciliation process repeals pieces of the ACA without a replacement plan,” the report from the Urban Institute stated.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Barack Obama’s health care is collapsing and that this is the right time to create an advanced and friendlier health care plan.

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“The American Health Care Act is a plan to drive down costs, encourage competition, and give every American access to quality, affordable health insurance. It protects young adults, patients with pre-existing conditions, and provides a stable transition so that no one has the rug pulled out from under them,” he said in an earlier released statement.

Meanwhile, the American Medical Association has said that the House GOP Bill would “reverse the coverage gains” of Obamacare, and it may cause millions of Americans to lose coverage. Democrats have also claimed that Trump’s healthcare replacement plan will not be able to protect the most vulnerable Americans.

It is still too early to comment on Donald Trump’s healthcare plans. At the same time, many are indeed criticizing Melania Trump’s statement, but her released statement from the Children’s National does not mention at any point that she talked about health care policy or in any way contradicts her husband. Did you check the latest healthcare plan? What are your views on it?

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