‘Alaskan Bush People’: Matt Talks Marriage Proposals, ‘Bam’ May Not Be Back

As new episodes of Alaskan Bush People continue on the Discovery Channel, rumors also continue to circulate online about the Brown brothers. Most recently, the Alaskan Bush People official Twitter account asks if Matt Brown is off the market, while rumors that Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown may not be back to Browntown to film the next season of Alaskan Bush People run rampant on Facebook fan pages. And, while Noah Brown suggests there may be a new member of Browntown, fans are still wondering if there’s even going to be a Season 7.

Since the season finale episode of Season 6 of Alaskan Bush People aired on February 22, the Discovery Channel has kept fans of the long-running reality TV series engaged by showing special episodes. Unfortunately, keeping Alaskan Bush People on the air, also keeps both fans and critics alike brewing new rumors about the Brown family, more specifically, rumors about the Brown brothers, Matt, Bam, and Noah. These three Brown siblings continue to hold the interest of Alaskan Bush People fans, mainly due to their ever-changing relationship statuses.

The oldest Brown brother, Matt Brown, 34, continues to live the single life, according to a previous report by Radar Online, that says that “Matt is still single after completing a stint in rehab last year,” referring to some time spent in an alcohol treatment center during the summer of 2016, following an arrest for DUI in 2013, as well as several nights of “boozing” and “partying” in Hoonah, Alaska. The Alaskan Bush People Twitter account recently posed the question of whether or not Matt is “off the market,” adding that younger brother Noah, 24, is now off the market, since he and new girlfriend, Rhain Alicia, 26, are obviously serious and have been for months, as also previously reported by Radar Online.

The Twitter post in question, from Monday, also shares a clip to a short video on the Discovery Channel website where all of the Brown family siblings talk marriage proposals and how many of them have received marriage proposals since Alaskan Bush People premiered nearly three years ago. According to the one-minute video clip, titled “Ask the Browns: Marriage Proposals,” one fan named Chris sent in a question asking how many people have proposed to them since they started the show. The consensus was zero in-person proposals. However, Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown, 32, said he has gotten some marriage proposals in fan letters, while Matt Brown, who Chris says is “dreamy,” has reportedly received so many marriage proposals that “he’s sick of it.”

“It’s not like I have a cave hidden somewhere out here that I carve one chalk mark on for every time somebody proposes.”

This question sent Alaskan Bush People fans into a frenzy, with fans proposing to Matt in the comments. One Twitter user, @TessMinnesota, even tries to set her daughter up with Matt, adding that “she loves the way they [the Alaskan Bush People] live and thinks Matt is awesome.” Gabe Brown, the fourth son, ends the video clip saying that it’s a shame that Matt “can’t marry them all.” Noah, of course, doesn’t even answer the question, especially considering that rumors have been flying that he’s already married to Rhain, as previously reported by Railing Kill.

Other Alaskan Bush People rumors say that Joshua “Bam” Brown has recently been spotted in South Carolina and that he may have purchased a Tiki bar in Eutawville, South Carolina, as shared today by Alaskan Bush People Facebook fan page, @joshuabambambrownfanpage. Some fans aren’t shocked by this news since “Bam” recently announced that he’s leaving the Alaskan Bush to be with girlfriend and Alaskan Bush People crew member Allison Kagan, as noted by People Magazine last month. Eutawville locals are reporting sightings and sharing fan pics of Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown around town and at home improvement stores, leaving fans to wonder if the second-oldest Brown brother plans to settle down in South Carolina with Allison and not return to Browntown, an island near Hoonah, for possible upcoming seasons of Alaskan Bush People.

However, the Discovery Channel has yet to announce if there even will be new seasons of Alaskan Bush People. Formal announcements of new seasons usually occur before the ending of the current season — Season 6, which ended on February 22. The Inquisitr recently shared that the last season finale episode of Alaskan Bush People had “record-breaking numbers,” leading fans to believe that there will, in fact, be orders for new seasons, despite all the drama and fakery rumors that surround the show and the nine members of the Brown family, as outlined by Looper.

However, the Alaskan Bush People exposed Facebook page also shared nearly a week ago that Alaskan Bush People didn’t even make the ratings chart on Zap2It for last Wednesday’s special lost footage episode, adding that it was the least-watched episode in the top 25. Alaskan Bush People Exposed, @alaskanfrauds, posted just yesterday that the Brown family is still in Juneau, Alaska, and “there are no signs of filming anytime soon.” Another post shared six days ago says that the Brown family matriarch, Ami Brown, may have actually had “major surgery” at the end of last year or beginning of this year and may still be recovering, which may explain the delay in Alaskan Bush People production.

“Most of the Brown family are at the Extended Stay in Juneau and a lot of them have been spotted, but not Billy and Ami. The last time Billy and Ami was seen publicly was last Dec 7th at the Denver CO airport. Ami may have had surgery and still recovering, but the family are due back mid month for filming.”

Catch another new special episode of Alaskan Bush People tonight, titled “Forever Browntown,” on the Discovery Channel at 9 p.m. ET, where the “Browns fight to prove that the bush way of life is worth saving,” as summarized by TV Guide.

[Featured Image via Alaskan Bush People/Twitter]