‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans’s Custody Battle Heats Up After Birth Of Baby Girl

Jenelle Evans just went on a rant against her mother, Barbara Evans, on Twitter.

According to the Teen Mom 2 star, who lost custody of her oldest son, Jace, now 7, shortly after his birth, her relationship with her mother, who has cared for the child full-time for the past several years, is extremely strained — and it is all Barbara’s fault.

“If you guys only saw the texts messages between my mother and I. Shows a lot of truth to why I freak out on her so suddenly,” Jenelle Evans wrote on Twitter on March 7. “My mother is ruining our relationship as mother and daughter. It’s only getting worse.”

Jenelle Evans’ relationship with her mother hasn’t appeared healthy since fans first met her on 16 & Pregnant years ago, but all the while, Barbara has maintained a positive relationship with Evans’ oldest child, Jace. She’s also spent time with Evans’ two youngest children, Kaiser, 2, and Ensley, who was born in January.

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Jenelle Evans went on to reveal that she had skipped out on the recent Teen Mom 2 live aftershow because her feelings had been hurt.

“My feelings are extremely hurt and this is why I do not attend the live shows. My mentality is very important for my three children,” Jenelle Evans continued.

Jenelle Evans welcomed her first child, Jace, in 2009 while dating his father, Andrew Lewis. Years later, she gave birth to her second child, Kaiser, with former fiancé Nathan Griffith. Then, on January 24, she and current fiancé David Eason welcomed daughter Ensley Jolie.

As fans may recall, Jenelle Evans traveled to Los Angeles at the end of last month, just weeks after giving birth to her third child. However, after experiencing backlash from fans who found it inappropriate that the reality star would leave her weeks-old daughter for a vacation with her boyfriend, Jenelle Evans chose to skip the filming.

Jenelle Evans attempted to explain why she and Eason remained in Los Angeles for over a week without their child by claiming the network had forced her to travel out of town for work. A short time later, Chelsea Houska, who gave birth just one day after Jenelle Evans, seemingly shot down Evans’ claims and said that MTV had been extremely understanding of her desire to stay in South Dakota with her baby boy.

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“I’m sure MTV would FORCE a 5-week postpartum mom to do an after show,” one user on Twitter wrote in a message to Jenelle Evans days ago, via a report by Radar Online on March 3.

Another added, “I hear Jenelle is staying in Cali until the next after show… 10 consecutive days away from baby. That baby doesn’t know her.”

“Where is your newborn infant? You left your newborn baby to fly to the show and didn’t even show up,” a third Twitter user noted.

After facing backlash, Jenelle Evans spoke to Radar Online about her decision to go to Los Angeles without her baby girl.

“I agree with everyone about leaving Ensley behind and I have been very upset about missing out on time with her and all my kids. I need to be home right now and work can be paused for the time being,” she said.

Jenelle Evans appears to have arrived home in the days since the online drama played out and has shared numerous photos of her kids on Instagram to seemingly confirm her whereabouts.

To see more of Jenelle Evans and her family, tune into Teen Mom 2 Season 7B on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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