‘Last Week Tonight’ Host John Oliver Sees Russian Scandal As ‘Stupid Watergate’

John Oliver has branded the brewing Russian scandal involving the administration of new Republican president Donald Trump “stupid Watergate.”

In the latest episode of his award-winning Last Week Tonight show, Oliver argued things have grown to be so absurd the burning question is no longer “what the president knew and when he knew it,” but rather “is the president physically capable of knowing things at all?”

Oliver began the show by acknowledging Trump was coming off of something of a high given his well-received speech before Congress where he laid out his vision for the country and adopted a “more disciplined form” in doing so.

Soon after that, Oliver lamented, things returned to form for the administration, with the Washington Post reporting newly minted Attorney General Jeff Sessions had not revealed he’d met twice with the Russian ambassador to the United States while he was still a senator and adviser to Trump’s campaign.

“Yes, Jeff Sessions, Trump’s attorney general, the unfortunate result of Dobby the House Elf’s one-night stand with a Confederate flag, got in trouble this week for undisclosed meetings with Russia’s ambassador,” Oliver reflected.

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The issue with that is Sessions neglected to share that nugget of truth with anyone else in Congress, particularly the group of lawmakers that convened with him during his confirmation hearings and posed some of those very questions directly to him.

Sessions went on to share with Democratic Sen. Al Franken that he was proudly known as a surrogate throughout the Trump campaign and absolutely did not have any such Russian experiences over that time.

In Oliver’s mind, that’s what’s known as an “unforced error.” With the host stunningly adding, “he wasn’t even asked.”

Since then, Sessions has announced that he would be willing to recuse himself from any probable investigation into all such meetings involving Trump campaign staffers. But the damage already seems done in the minds of many, with some of his colleagues now going as far as calling for his resignation from office.

Later, in what some have dubbed a classic diversionary tactic, Trump took to social media to slam former President Obama for allegedly tapping his Trump Tower offices during his campaign run against Hillary Clinton. In the midst of his tweet storm, Oliver noted that the President misspelled the word “tap.”

“In 1992 Dan Quayle misspelled ‘potato’ and it became one of the most famous dumb moments in political history,” said Oliver “We are now at a point where the president is so busy hurling destabilizing conspiracy theories around we can’t even pause to enjoy the fact he misspelled the word ‘tap.'”

Oliver has previously blasted Trump over what he sees as his fascination with Russian President Vladimir Puttin, finally deducing the newly elected president dreams of becoming the exact same man Putin is largely seen as in his homeland.

“He knows how to delegitimize our ability to claim a moral high ground,” added Oliver, later ridiculing Trump as a “pathological liar” so out-of-control everyone in the country should be alarmed.

Indeed, the Pulitzer Prize-winning fact-checking site Politifact recently calculated that the president only tells the truth approximately four percent of the time, compared with 17 percent of his statements registering with the website as egregious lies.

Recently, the administration also proudly gave birth to the so-called era of “alternative facts.”

Last Week Tonight won an Emmy in 2016 for Outstanding Variety Series, becoming the first show since 1997 to win the award for a series not hosted by one of the trio of David Letterman, Jon Stewart, or Stephen Colbert.

Oliver has also won three Emmys for his writing on the Daily Show.

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