‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Actor Hints That Duke Is Alive, But Is He Really?

General Hospital fans are really excited that Duke Lavery may not really dead after all and will be coming back to the soap. It has been two years since he died and the love of his life, Anna Devane, was devastated and still is. There is one other person who took his death hard and that is Olivia Jerome. Now that she has returned to Port Charles and is trying to bring him back to life, there is a strong possibility that actor Ian Buchanan will reprise his role as Duke.

There have been many rumors since his supposed death in 2015 that he did not really die, but has been hidden away somewhere. General Hospital is notorious for bringing people back to life. Now Buchanan himself has gotten everyone talking when a short video of him was posted on Twitter on Tuesday hinting that Duke was finally returning to the soap.

The clip has the actor standing in front of a door reminding fans to not miss Wednesday’s show. Now, there is no indication that he was actually on the set of General Hospital when he made the video, but he would have already taped his scenes if his character is coming back. However, what he said had everyone sure that he will indeed show up on Wednesday.

“Don’t forget to watch tomorrow’s episode. You never know who will show up.”

Is Duke Lavery really going to pop up? The story line that is going on right now involves Anna, Olivia, and Duke’s son, Griffin Munro. They are down underneath General Hospital as Liv had Griffin all tied up and ready to transform him into his dad. Yes, it is a little weird, but certainly not unusual for this ABC soap.

At the end of Tuesday’s episode, Olivia was ready to kill Anna until Griffin got loose and walked up to Olivia claiming to be Duke. Now, he was most likely just playing along for Olivia’s sake. She looked quite shocked that the love of her life could really be back from the dead, but the previews for Wednesday show that she is still intent on doing away with Anna Devane.

There is a chance that the real Duke Lavery will somehow appear out of nowhere to save the day, but it is also likely that Ian Buchanan was actually talking about Griffin pretending to be Duke is the one he is talking about. Of course, General Hospital fans are really hoping that the real deal will come back. That would certainly scare the wits out of Olivia Jerome if that should happen.

General Hospital Duke
Will Duke and Anna finally be reunited? [Image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock}

Griffin is at the center of this and spoilers for the next few days say that he will be making some kind of sacrifice. Soaps She Knows also says that Liv will continue to manipulate her brother, Julian Jerome, by using his family. He is expected to make a dangerous decision. That means that Liv is not done just yet and will most likely get away before being caught. It also sounds like Griffin could be going along for the ride in order to save Anna’s life.

Robin Scorpio was also held hostage by Liv, so Griffin will also be saving her and her unborn child’s life as well. His dad would do the same thing to save his loved ones. Another possibility of Duke’s return to General Hospital could be that his ghost would appear to help his son out of this mess. Viewers are really hopeful that Ian Buchanan will come back permanently as Duke Lavery and this would be a perfect time for that to happen.

Do think Duke Lavery is really alive and well? Will he be showing up on General Hospital on Wednesday’s episode? Stay tuned to find out.

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