Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani Accused Of ‘Not Even Trying To Coach’ On ‘The Voice’

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s The Voice backlash is only continuing after the most recent installment of the show, as some fans are claiming that the couple appears to be more interested in flirting with one another than building up their teams.

After Blake and Gwen flirted their way through the premiere of Season 12 of The Voice with some serious PDA during the show’s first few episodes last week, it looks like fans of the NBC talent search still aren’t too happy with the duo looking loved up as some viewers are claiming that Shelton and Stefani “aren’t even trying to coach.”

A slew of fans made the remarks while watching the fifth round of The Voice blind auditions play out on March 7, as some claimed on social media that Blake and Gwen appeared to be more interested in flirting with each other than finding talent and building up their teams.

“Gwen and Blake aren’t even trying to coach they’re just pushing their buttons to flirt,” Twitter user and Shelton and Stefani fan @roguefembott tweeted after seeing the couple once again flirt up a storm on The Voice, while @theRUDES agreed by adding that they are “So over Blake and Gwen on The Voice like literally annoying they both turn on the blinds to be flirty #thevoice.”

Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani's 'The Voice' flirting slammed again
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Other The Voice viewers also accused Gwen and Blake of using their coaching positions to flirt with each other, claiming that the couple appeared to turn around for the same acts so they could enjoy some flirty banter while attempting to fill their respective teams.

“Ugh. Why do Gwen & Blake always turn around as soon as the other turn around? #TheVoice” @Trackstar27806 asked of Shelton and Stefani’s couples coaching style and‏ @smit1427 noted on the social media site while watching The Voice’s latest instalment of blind auditions, “Blake is so annoying. Every time Gwen turns around Blake has to hit his button. #copycat.”

“[The Voice] is so annoying this year,” @Maricruz246 added of Gwen Stefani’s return to Blake Shelton’s side after Gwen was absent from Seasons 10 and 11 in 2016. “Blake can’t press the button unless Gwen has, and Gwen can’t press the button unless Blake has.”

Daily Mail was also quick to note that the March 7 episode of The Voice brought some serious flirting from Gwen and Blake after the couple faced serious backlash for their PDA in previous episodes of Season 12, as the site reported that the most recent installment saw Shelton and Stefani make “multiple declarations of love for each other.”

Is Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton's flirting getting in the way of their coaching on 'The Voice' Season 12?
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Blake and Gwen couldn’t seem to stop gushing over each other during the show, even telling one another “I love you” as they attempted to entice acts to their teams while Shelton also called his girlfriend of almost a year and a half “pretty.”

The latest round of flirting and major PDA on The Voice comes after Shelton and Stefani, who met on the NBC show back in 2015, received a whole lot of backlash from fans for their loved-up demeanor.

Blake and Gwen’s constant flirting on The Voice was even being blamed for the show taking a dip in ratings during the first week of blind audition rounds, as less viewers tuned into both the Tuesday and Thursday night shows following Stefani and Shelton’s PDA on the Monday night premiere.

Thursday night’s show, which served as the third round of The Voice’s famous blind auditions, saw a pretty steep drop from the 13.02 million viewers who watched the premiere as Variety reported that closer to 10.64 million viewers watched the Thursday night episode, which had some fans speculating that Gwen and Blake’s PDA was turning viewers off after fans took to social media to voice their displeasure.

What do you think of Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani refusing to tone down the flirting on Season 12 of The Voice?

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