‘Dragon Ball Super’ Analysis: Tournament Of Power Rules, Predictions, And More

One of the most notable things about the premise of the Universe Survival Arc is how Dragon Ball Super could deal with the numerous matches that are set to happen in the Tournament of Power. After all, with 80 fighters from eight universes participating in the grand competition, fans of the series were quite apprehensive about the length of time it would take to cover all the fights in the tournament. As revealed in Dragon Ball Super Episode 81, however, the Grand Priest and the Omni King have come up with an excellent idea to address the number of matches that would be held in the Tournament of Power.

For the first time in a Dragon Ball anime, a grand tournament would be held in the style of a 10-person Battle Royale, where all eight teams from the participating universes would be fighting each other simultaneously for 100 takks (about 48 minutes in Earth time), according to noted DBS source GojiitaAF. The winning team of the Tournament of Power would be the group with the most number of participants left after the time limit is over. The grand tournament could also end when there is only one fighter left standing.

The Tournament of Power also includes a number of stipulations. Among these is a limitation to the fighters’ flying abilities, which would most likely make the grand match very interesting. Apart from this, Bukujutsu, the art of using Ki to levitate oneself, would also be limited. As such, the Tournament of Power would require its participants to battle using their raw power and skill alone. Of course, considering that the competition would be a battle royale, teamwork and tactics would also be extremely important.

Overall, the premise of the Tournament of Power, at least in its scope, is something that is very unique in the Dragon Ball franchise. Over the course of the franchise’s three-decade run, most tournaments have been akin to traditional WWE matches, where one fighter battles another in a one-on-one bout. This time around, however, the Tournament of Power would allow the anime to present a massive battle that is both epic in scope and intensity.

Predictions for the Tournament of Power are abounding, but speculations are high that Universe 7 and Universe 11 might very well be the final participants in the grand battle. While unconfirmed, this particular development has been teased greatly in the anime’s new opening theme, which prominently featured Goku and an unknown fighter from the Pride Troopers (who are from Universe 11) fighting toe-to-toe. Apart from Universe 11, speculations are also high that Universe 6, which is governed by Beerus’ twin brother Champa, would also play a pretty prominent role.

Of course, the universe where the female LSSJ would compete for would most likely play a significant role in the grand battle, especially since the character would, in a lot of ways, allow Broly, one of the franchise’s most iconic, non-canonical characters, to be made official. Apart from this, the universe where the first real female Super Saiyan would come from will most likely be significant in the DB franchise as a whole.

Overall, the Tournament of Power is gearing up to be one of, if not the most epic Dragon Ball saga to date. So far, it appears that even the production of the anime is not taking any chances, as the quality of the animation has been consistently bumped for the last few weeks now. The music and the dialogue have been pretty satisfactory as well, which shows that the producers of the anime are definitely taking their time in ensuring that the Universe Survival Arc becomes an unprecedented success.

Dragon Ball Super would be taking a break this coming Sunday, March 12. While the reasons for the weeklong hiatus remain unknown, it has been confirmed that DBS would be coming back on March 19.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]