Patrick McKenna: Is The O.J. Simpson Investigator Now Casey Anthony’s Boyfriend?

Patrick McKenna helped Casey Anthony beat her infamous murder charge, and now the noted investigator could be her live-in boyfriend.

A new interview released this week revealed that Casey has been living with the private investigator in a home in West Palm Beach, Florida. The interview with the Associated Press was the first time in years that Anthony has spoken on the record, and the story also revealed her living situation.

“Anthony lives in the South Florida home of Patrick McKenna, a private detective who was the lead investigator on her defense team. She also works for him, doing online social media searches and other investigative work. McKenna was also the lead investigator for OJ Simpson, when he was accused of killing his wife and acquitted; Anthony said she’s become fascinated with the case, and there are ‘a lot of parallels’ to her own circumstances.”

The story did not specify whether Patrick McKenna was Casey Anthony’s boyfriend, leading to speculation over whether the two might be dating.

McKenna is among the best-known private investigators in the country, perhaps most famous for his work on the O.J. Simpson case. As ABC News noted in a profile from close to six years ago, it was McKenna who uncovered the racist tapes of LAPD officer Mark Fuhrman, helping cast doubt on the prosecution’s case and ultimately leading to Simpson’s acquittal.

McKenna later went to work on Casey Anthony’s case, interviewing her parents and uncovering some dark family secrets. At trial, Casey’s lawyer accused her father, George Anthony, of molesting Casey and having an affair during the search for the missing Caylee.

“This case was the sweetest victory of all the cases I have ever worked because there was so much hatred toward Casey and her lawyers. We had no money, no resources and we were working against a firestorm of bad press,” McKenna said.

McKenna even said that Casey Anthony’s acquittal was a bigger upset than O.J.’s, as she faced longer odds.

“I was more surprised by Casey’s acquittal than OJ’s because I had more confidence in OJ’s jury,” he told ABC News. “There was just more science to back up his case than Casey’s.”

There had actually been reports for several years that Casey Anthony and Patrick McKenna were living together. In 2015, Casey was photographed attending the Women for Women 5K/10K event, Radar Online reported. After the picture went viral on social media, a South Florida gossip blog called Gossip Extra found that Casey and Patrick were living together in a 2,000-square-foot home that is within walking distance of the ocean.

The same blog found that the living arrangement may go back even further, finding that Casey may have started living at Patrick McKenna’s home in 2012.

“It would make sense for Anthony to hang out with McKenna.

In the private investigation community, McKenna is somewhat of a folk hero.

He was credited with finding evidence that got fallen football icon OJ Simpson cleared in 1997 of the double murder of his ex-wife and a friend.”

Patrick McKenna has also been referred to as Casey Anthony’s boyfriend in the past. In a tweet last year, professional poker player Jaclynn Moskow claimed that McKenna was investigating her — and that he was dating Anthony.

Despite the rumors, there is no evidence that Patrick McKenna is Casey Anthony’s boyfriend.

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