Jimmy Buffett To Open Margaritaville Retirement Community For Baby-Boomers

With Baby Boomers now starting to reach the age of retirement, Jimmy Buffett is to open a Margaritaville retirement community for Parrotheads and others who appreciate beautiful vistas and warm breezes. The first location will be in Daytona Beach Florida in 2018. Buffett is sinking $1 billion into the village, and it will contain 7,000 homes for those of retirement age and those approaching retirement age.

The generation in retirement and those who are just receiving their first AARP letter look much different than those who came before them, and they aren’t going quietly. For instance, Sting, formerly of the band the Police is now 65, and has to wear hearing aids, as he is going deaf from a lifetime playing rock and roll, says the Inquisitr. But Sting just put out his first true rock album in years and has no intention of slowing d0wn. Sting and his wife Trudy Styler are still active in yoga.

Jimmy Buffett is working together with his Margarita Holding Company to partner with Minto Communities, a company out of Toronto which has built 25,000 homes in Florida alone, to open the Margarita retirement community, says the New York Post.


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The partnership is already planning a second Margaritaville community outside of Florida, again for the 55 and older crowd. Minto’s Bill Bullock says the community is for active adults.

“The community’s two- and three-bedroom homes will be priced from the low $200,000s to mid-$300,000s and include a walkable neighborhood around a Town Center that offers swimming, aerobics and fitness classes.The pièce de résistance will be a private beachfront club that’s set on the Atlantic Ocean and accessible to residents through a continuous shuttle service.”

As part of the Jimmy Buffett vibe that will welcome fresh fruit in every blender, there are many young seniors that are reportedly eager to take a tour as soon as that is possible. More than 30,000 people have already registered on the website to be alerted as soon as they can come check it out.

Cayman giving a walk through of the soon to open Margaritaville at Universal CityWalk

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But who would have ever thought that Rolling Stone would have an article about a retirement community? Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Retirement Community, for those 55 and better, will open, and perhaps make moving into a retirement community something to look forward to. The Margaritaville retirement community is inspired by Buffett’s bars and restaurants, which are inspired by his classic song about slowing down, drinking up, and swaying to the music with a cocktail in your hand. Bill Bullock made an appearance on Good Morning America to tell the world about the original project.

“It’s going to be a very fun place. We expect our first residents to be living in the community by late summer of 2018.”

So find your lost shaker of salt and bring your potted key lime tree, because it doesn’t matter if you are retired, there is more fun to have in the land of Jimmy Buffett.

Do you think that a Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville retirement community will be something that catches on?

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