‘General Hospital’ Spoilers From Frank Valentini #AskGH On Twitter

New General Hospital spoilers emerged from Frank Valentini’s live tweet session today on #AskGH. This is a great week for General Hospital spoiler lover fans since Nathan Varni also offered some choice insight during his chat with Carly Brockl on Daytime After Dark.

Maybe the General Hospital showrunners are offering up spoilers tidbits to keep fans tuned in and to help their ratings. No matter why the producers are offering General Hospital spoilers, it’s an exciting look into the future of the ABC soap. Here are some of the spoilers from Frank’s #AskGH today.

Jax Is Back Soon

General Hospital‘s Frank Valentini was asked by a fan, “Is Jax returning soon?” and his answer was exciting and informative. Frank responded, “YES! And it will be a HUGE payoff for Nelle, Carly, and Sonny.” This is good because this General Hospital storyline needs closure.

General Hospital‘s Nelle Hayes (Chloe Lanier) believes what her father Frank Benson told her about Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) demanding her kidney. Carly is innocent and the real culprit in all this is Jasper Jax (Ingo Rademacher) who bought Nelle’s kidney according to General Hospital spoilers.

Julexis Future Looks Promising

For General Hospital fans of Julian Jerome (William deVry) and Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn), Frank Valentini promised hope. He was asked by a General Hospital fan, “Why exactly were Julexis trashed?” and Frank replied, “They weren’t trashed! You’ll soon find out EXACTLY what happened.”

That also aligns with some other General Hospital spoilers from Nathan Varni from his Friday podcast on Daytime After Dark. Varni revealed Liv Jerome (Tonja Walker) has been controlling Julian for a long time and that night on the docks was part of it. Seems like a General Hospital reunion is in store for Julexis!

Yes, Scout Is JaSam’s Baby Name!

General Hospital fans have been furiously debating what JaSam should name their baby, but Frank Valentini spilled the secret on #AskGH today. A General Hospital fan asked, “Who came up with the name Scout and is it really that baby’s name?”

Frank answered, “Full name is Emily Scout, but we’re gonna call her Scout.” He credits the Jelly writing team but General Hospital watchers will recall an episode where Alexis suggested the name Scout from her favorite book To Kill A Mockingbird. Looks like Scout is here to stay on General Hospital.

Kristina And Griffin Get Love Interests

General Hospital‘s Valentini answered this question, “Why can’t Kristina date a girl near her own age?” Frank said, “For her 1st experience it made sense for her to be drawn to someone older. But in the future, it’ll be someone her own age.” Sounds like young LGBTQ love is coming to General Hospital.

Another juicy General Hospital tidbit from #AskGH was in answer to a fan asking if Griffin will get a love interest. The General Hospital showrunner said, “YES!… and you’ll NEVER guess who!” which has us wanting to guess. Dr. Obrecht? Valerie? Jordan? Maybe Carly since she and Sonny are on the outs?

Could A Friz Wedding Happen?

There were plenty of compliments for the General Hospital producer on the Friz pairing and Nathan Varni also mentioned them in his podcast. Frank Valentini answered a couple of questions about the future of Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) and Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) on General Hospital.

Frank was asked if Franco and Liz might get married and he said, “A #Friz wedding would be great. Stay tuned!” It’s not a yes, but it’s also not a no, so that’s encouraging for General Hospital fans of Friz. Frank also said Franco and Liz will not continue to have money problems in the future on General Hospital.

Other Items From #AskGH

Some other General Hospital notes from the #AskGH session include the revelation that the Davis sisters will all get to meet baby Scout on upcoming episodes of General Hospital. He also promised more Quartermaine action on General Hospital and hinted Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) might not have all his memories back yet.

Also, coming on General Hospital, per Frank, are scenes with Valentin and Alexis. Plus, Kiki tries to figure out her life and Rocco Falconeri is back on General Hospital soon. Frank also said we’ll find out why little Jake Webber (Hudson West) was taken, plus more story for Kevin and Laura.

The Best Question From #AskGH

But the funniest and perhaps best question asked of General Hospital‘s Frank Valentini, aside from boxers or briefs (he said boxer briefs), was about Roger Howarth. A fan asked, “Do you braid Roger’s hair at night?” which is a hilarious image of the General Hospital actor and the producer.

Frank quipped back, “Nope. I don’t know how to braid hair.” If you haven’t checked out the tweets and replies to Frank Valentini’s #AskGH, it’s worth a look for any General Hospital fan. It’s a nice treat that both Frank and Nathan offered up some really good General Hospital spoilers.

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