‘Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Now Available On PC, PlayStation 4, And Xbox One

Whether players choose to tackle the Santa Blanca cartel alone with an AI squad or with up to three other friends, Ghost Recon Wildlands players are sure to enjoy the game’s open world, customization, and gunplay. The third-person shooter features a plethora of guns and gun parts to find in addition to skills that can be unlocked for rebel support, drone customization, and much more. As players level up their character, more options are available to them, giving everyone a new way to tackle any mission in the game.

In addition to outfitting their character with guns, leveling up their skills, and choosing how to approach each mission, players also customize their Ghost before jumping into the world. Although face and skin types are shared, players have several options to consider. Additionally, a large selection of clothes, accessories, tattoos, and patches are also selection options. These options, like attire, can even be changed after initial character creation, letting players alter their Ghost’s appearance as they move through the game’s story.

Ubisoft's Ghost Recon Wildlands four-play co-op in an open world
Ghost Recon Wildlands features an open world with many different types of areas [Image by Ubisoft]

Customization even extends to the way players get around the massive world in the game. The open world of Ghost Recon Wildlands lets players explore by foot, in a vehicle, aboard a boat, or in the air. Cars, SUVs, sports cars, motorcycles, boats, helicopters, planes, and many more are rarely in short supply when traversing Bolivia. In fact, over 60 types of transportation are available to players according to the Ubisoft blog.

Scouting areas, finding locations, defeating enemies, finishing missions, and completing other activities all earn squads experience. Leveling up gives players a chance to customize their character’s abilities like reviving faster or running quieter. Skill points can even be spent on making the drone better like equipping it with night vision or increasing its usage time and distance. The drone can even be equipped with an explosive, making it a more aggressive tool. There are even rebel abilities to unlock that call on aid from the locals to help the squad in Ghost Recon Wildlands. Rebel abilities include Vehicle Drop-Off, Guns For Hire, Mortar, Diversion, and Spotting.

All of these options come together when a squad starts to play. When playing the game solo and offline, the four-player squad is filled out with three AI companions as reported by the Inquisitr. With Sync Shots and a number of commands, players can coordinate their squad to an extent while the AI continues to act on their own. In fact, AI squad members even mark and call out targets during fights. In a group with real players, Sync Shots and commands are still available, letting players communicate non-verbally with each other in addition to traditional voice chat.

As players work to bring down the Santa Blanca cartel and eventually eliminate the boss of the cartel, named El Sueno, players defeat several underbosses destabilizing different areas of the cartel’s infrastructure. Collectible documents and skill points are scattered across the game’s zones near missions and side missions. Players can gather intel to learn more about each zone’s boss before hunting them down, and then it is up to them how to approach each task. Use the drone to scout and mark targets before going in under the cover of night or get in the gunner seat of a helicopter to enter the fray aggressively.

Ghost Recon Wildlands combat and vehicles options
Quietly completing a mission in stealth is one way of completing objectives in Ghost Recon Wildlands but there are alternatives [Image by Ubisoft]

Although the game released today, future content is already being outlined by developer Ubisoft. Two pieces of downloadable content are planned called Narco Road and Fallen Ghosts. According to the game’s official website, Narco Road includes four new zones and an array of new items. New weapon skins, vehicles, and side missions are all part of the DLC leading up to the defeat of El Invisible. Fallen Ghosts has fewer details revealed, but players will be tasked with surviving the Los Extranjeros after the team’s helicopter crashes. A free update will release soon adding a PvP mode to Ghost Recon Wildlands.

[Featured Image by Ubisoft]